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Swiss Everest 50th Anniversary Expedition 1952-2002

"Geneva Everest 1952 2002"

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The team comprises :

- Stephane Schaffter (Swiss, born February 2, 1953), organiser, team leader and high-altitude cameraman

- Yves Lambert (Swiss, born January 5, 1961), son of Raymond Lambert

- Jean-Jacques Asper (born September 7, 1926), member of the 1952 expedition

- Tashi Tenzing (Australia, born November 30, 1965), grandson of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and film narrator

- Apa Sherpa (born January 20, 1957), 11 times on top of Everest 

- Jean Troillet (Swiss, born March 10, 1948), Swiss Himalaya climber

- Philippe Arvis (French, born June 15, 1962), physician

- Guillaume Vallot (French, born June 10, 1970), photographer and mountain climber


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