American Climber Gary Guller to Lead Unique Team to Mount Everest in 2003

Gary Guller, with one arm, will attempt to Summit Everest in Spring 2003. With much hype, many expeditions will try to get into the press, but the humble Texan Gary Guller, will go to Everest his way.

He will lead a group of people with disabilities to the base camp of Mt. Everest before himself attempting the summit. This expedition alone speaks of his integrity, perseverance and his ability to motivate and inspire those around him to accomplish their dreams and to reach their fullest potential. He encourages others to look further into themselves, motivating them to set goals to maximize their potential, placing fear and doubts aside and pushing through the barriers to success in business and in life.  Gary leaves everyone knowing that anything is indeed possible.

Gary is back from the Motorola Marathon. Read his report below. For more on this expedition see here

  Sore legs, massage and a dream fulfilled (and not necessarily in that order) .....
Feb. 18 Gary at Motorola ExpoI was fortunate to represent TE '03 in the 2003 Motorola Marathon on Sunday here in Austin, in both the race and the Runner's Expo at Palmer Events Center. Thanks to the many folks that stopped by our booth to offer their support on Friday and Saturday. And a special thanks to Paul Carrozza and the RunTex team for donating the booth to TE '03.

All of my life, I've wanted to run a marathon. And Sunday was the day. A chilly 34F, 7:00am start made me question my sanity (yet again!). My good friend Nazario Rodriquez "decided" to join me. (Well, I signed him up and had to sell him very quickly on the idea. He had completed the NY marathon last fall and had vowed not to do another one anytime soon.) A blistering 5 hrs, 17 mins and 26.2 miles later, Nazario and Gary a bit "dazed and confused" after marathon completionwe were both on our backs enjoying a massage and absorbing the great feeling of accomplishment - and of course the skilled hands of the masseuse. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the run, and in TE '03 apparel, received tons of support on the route.

Running the marathon was more about keeping up my endurance for the upcoming climb, so I wasn't overly concerned about my speed. We'll have many long days on the mountain and it's important to know how quickly I'll be able to recover from these long days. After the run, my quads were a bit sore, much like one would experience after a long descent. But within a day or so, I felt strong again. As my legs rebuild, they'll be stronger, and this will help me in the coming months.

On a funny note, I thought I'd have a day to relax and recuperate after the marathon. But TE '03 never stops. The very next morning, thirteen 50-pound boxes of expedition supplies were dropped on a pallet at the bottom of my stairs. I had to get over the soreness pretty quickly as I had to single-handedly (so to speak) haul each box up the flight of stairs. Official time sheet

So another of my goals has been accomplished. Some may ask what running the marathon has to do with Team Everest. This expedition is all about each person having the freedom to set goals and the opportunity to fulfill these goals, regardless of ability or disability. Thanks to all for your support. Gary Guller For more on this expedition see here

Gary Guller, veteran expedition leader, Everest Summiter, author and motivational speaker. To hear Gary story of courage and inspiration please Email Todd