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Everest South Side Expedition: Everest 50
The fiftieth anniversary expedition. (French): The Team

Participants/Team: This expedition gathers 23 alpinists equipped with a solid experience of high altitude. At the sides of the great names of the mountain and adventure such as Patrick Bérhault, Patrick Gabarrou, Eric Loizeau, Bruno Gallet, or the explorer Maurice Thiney, two women and 16 men launched out in the adventure to share the myth of the marvellous Everest spectacle, meeting life with the relief between sky and ground. 

Jean Michel Asselin

51 years, 1 child: Chief expedition of Everest50, this journalist director of Glénat Presses for Vertical and of Alpinisme & Randonnée, adds up 25 years of trade in the press of mountain magazines. Holder of a licence of philosophy his professional course passes by the first political weekly magazine of ecology “Gueule Ouverte”, issued from Hara-Kiri in the middle of the Seventies.

In 1980, back to the mountain and he discovers journalism specialized with “Alpinisme & Randonnée” until 1985, after “Montagne Magazine”, and in 1989 “Vertical”. Traveller with or without summits, we owe him ten works on the mountain which remained throughout these years in the centre of its passions. In 1999 he celebrated its 20 years of Nepal, which, with Tibet are his two territories of predilection. Trekking, expeditions, he adds up some 25 round trips in these grounds of the Himalaya (six trips to the Tibet since 1988). But the Everest never accepted his dreams, Jean Mi has stopped twice at less than 50 meters from the summit. He states to like all the mountains and the stories of friendship which are held there. With Everest50, he wishes to finally be able, at 51 years, to cross the 50 meters missed in 91 and 92 and to finish with this fairy tale of the Everest. But overall, he is happy to have this good occasion to address itself to the average public and pay tribute to the beauty of the world of the mountains.

Patrick Bérhault

46 years, 2 children: Guide of high mountain, professor at the National School of Ski and  Alpinism, he holds one of the best notebooks of French races. His course of mountaineer passes by achievements of scale in climbing with ways of high difficulty, by an extraordinary number of first rises in various alpine massifs, and  many unsurpassed winter sequences. His personal course adds also the Himalaya, the Andes, and Africa, the climbing dance of which he carried out the first spectacles. His Alpine Travel of autumn/winter 2000-01 is undoubtedly the most well known by the average public : in almost 5 months, he has crossed the alpine Arch by foot, from Slovenia to the Mediterranean, by achieving the ascent of 22 of the large walls having marked the history of the alpinism. Top of World was missed to this astonishing prize list, curiosity and friendship animates him, many good reasons to leave. 

Dominique Blanc-Vial

39 years, 1 child: Another challenge animates Dominique, to descend by surfing the south-western face by its most direct way, towards camp 1, which means 2750m of unevenness. Great surfer, he has participated to a surf alpinist expedition in the Great Atlas of Morocco. Subscriber of the engaged descents of Isère (France), Dom followed the formations guide on average mountain and initiation to surfing mountaineer of the GRETA. This expedition is for him the dreamed occasion to combine this strong experience with more people who practice surfing mountaineer, his favourite discipline.

Daniel Blanchi

43 years, married, 2 children: This engineer from La Rochelle impassioned of mountain and adventures in any kind. He practises the climbing in family, the ski touring with the buddies, the mountain lonely. This attentive father of family is far from being a neophyte. With six ascents to 6.000m summits, the Dhaulagiri in 1992 (7.500m) and several expeditions all around the world, Daniel is a very serious candidate to the summit. “Ten years after my last expedition to the Dhaulagiri, this project to the Everest, and more over in binomial with a Sherpas, is the most beautiful one I can imagine to join again the high altitude. It is the promise of a relation registered in the duration with truths moments to share. It lets predict the birth of a common history, as always very strong when it is born in these high places.”

Laetitia Cuvelier

27 years: Behind this sweet young girl, student at the DEA, a serious character is hidden. Laetitia will belong to the female duet, and hopes not to remain behind. Impassioned of mountain and of writing, she will be one of our relays and will try to report her adventure while carrying out the ascent of the highest mountain of the world.

Hugues D’Aubarede

56 years, 2 children: The prize list of this Lyonnais insurer is already impressive : Ascent of the Kilimandjaro (5.900m), Cotopaxi and Cnimborazo (6.300m), Oros del Salado (6.900m), Kun (7.000m), Mustagmata (7.500m) and Gasherbrum II (8.000m). The Everest ascent is like the apogee of his course.

Patrick Gabarrou

51 years, 1 child: He was at Everest Base Camp ten years ago. At the foot of this mountain, he was reached by the news of the death of his “hearth brother” Alexis Long. This is one of the reasons why he comes back. High Mountain guide, it is difficult to summarize in some lines the contents of his courses: 300 first ascents of which 3 at the Cervin, 3 at the Grandes Jorasses and over 15 at the Mont Blanc, Patrick is known for his experience and its particular attachment to the mountain and to his friends. With Everest 50 he is happy to leave in ropes with a Sherpas, to remind his ascent to the Pic Sans Nom (7.900m, Annapurna) with Pemba Norbu ; as he likes to state “years after that, this remains : a harmony, a straightness. And friendship.”

Bruno Gallet

55 years, 2 children: Architect, he is also high mountain guide and ski monitor. Friend of long date of Jean-Michel Asselin since they do not have less than 3 attempts in common on the Everest. Practising many diversions, he sails between realization of films and takes part since a long time to many expeditions. He has 4 attempts to the Everest, the Gurla Mandata (7.760m West Tibet) and Island Peak (a Nepalese 6.000m). Motivated by the human dimension of the framing, he will attempt once again, the summit. After two attempts and two failures at 8.200m and 8.800m, he likes to remind everyone (as Jean-Mi) that he has 16 summits at 8.000m and one at 8.700m without oxygen. It is useless to say  that he hopes to arrive at the top! 

Régis Garrigue

37 years, married, 3 children: From SAMU (urgencies) to the Guyana forest, from Kosovo and Gaza, this urgencies doctor, representative of Médecins du Monde in Palestina really likes the adventure. He is the person in charge for the medical team, as well as a specialist in high altitude. Régis wants, overall, realize a dream in order to share it with his children.

Daniel Gueorguievsky

55 years, 2 children: Initiator of this expedition, Daniel is with Jean-Michel Asselin, head  of team of Everest50, looking for partners, general administration and assembly of the media. Producer and conductor of TV programs since more than 10 years, he has already organised some good adventures as French rafting Grand Prix, French Raid Junior, expedition member of the first ascent to summit III of Amnye Machen (Tibet) in 2001… It is during this expedition that he tested for the first time a portable studio in the desert. This hedonist man full of energy and inexhaustible ideas loves before all the life and awaits only happiness of this ascent. 

Basile Gueorguievsky

23 years: A family affair. The youngest climber of this expedition but this is not his first experience. After the Mont Blanc at 11 years old, he went to the Amnye Machen, and his adventures carried him out to all over the world (Thailand, Reunion, China,…). Curious about everything he will benefit from this expedition to bring back new experiences: discovery of himself and observation of the others. The promiscuity of the base camp will be a beautiful occasion to make a sociological study.

Aude Joncquiert Latarjet

30 years: Intern of the Civil Old people's homes of Lyon, Aude has taken an availability of 6 months for her studies (preparation of an experimental protocol of high altitude with professor Richalet, Paris XIII) and Everest50 expedition. She has a good training by many ways in the Mont Blanc, expeditions to Bolivia, Morocco, and Nepal. She knows well Everest and Annapurna’s Base Camps, as well as high altitude with the Aconcagua (Argentina) 6956m in 2001. With this project, she concretises her dream to combine her passion for the phenomena of hypoxia related to the high altitude with her irresistible attraction for this "summit pyramid".  

Marcel Lemennicier

49 years, 2 children: High mountain guide and ski monitor, Marcel started with a technical CAP. He then worked for a club of ski touring where he became trainer. But very soon, mountain sports took more and more importance. A first attempt to the Everest in 1991 and many summits of more than 6.000m, in Nepal and Africa gave away with his other occupations. Along with Everest50, he hopes to share a strong moment with a welded team and sympathetic nerve.   

Brice Lequertier

26 years: Professional skier, Brice has already an eloquent prize list. 5 years with the French acrobatic ski team, Europe champion in 1995, he also won the X games at the USA in 1999. Travels and reading fill its life without forgetting the music which accompanies him in all his travels. Many expeditions to Caucasus, at the Spitzberg or Kazakhstan. With Everest50, Brice is ready to put on his skies at the Everest top. A challenge that he hopes to fulfil.

Eric Loizeau

53 years, 2 children: Highly skilled navigator, he organizes since many years the Trophy of Sea and Mountain where the elite of the navigators and the French mountaineers meets. Adventures, going beyond of oneself, limits led to the extreme… known and well known experiences performed by this adventurer who has already participated to a great numbers of Raids, such as Raid Gauloises. Having the opportunity to share an adventure with his friends Jean-Mi and Daniel, to reach the Top of the World, to discover Nepal and its inhabitants, Eric’s motivations are very profuse. 

Guillaume Lucazeau

27 years: Impassioned mountaineer, skiing and climbing instructor, guide on average mountain, Guillaume has already carried out beautiful adventures : Andes and Mongolia crossing by foot, Tibet and Nepal by bicycle and kayak. This expedition will make possible for him to taste higher altitudes, to celebrate the mountain and the fiftieth anniversary, but especially to carry out one of his dreams and to continue the next ones.

Nicolas Mugnier

33 years: HEC graduated in 1993, his professional career sails between the councils in fusion/acquisition for foreign companies and a very broad activity of naval officer within the French special forces. His leisure are sports with much footing, squash, and obviously a lot of mountain. With races principally at the Mont Blanc, this is the first great expedition of Nicolas. A discovery of Himalaya and high altitude.

Gilles Pollini

49 years, 3 children: From earth to stars, this researcher in agriculture, impassioned mountain and of astronomy postulated, a few years ago as astronaut to the CNES. The ascent of the Everest will bring him closer to the sky and his dreams.

Philippe Rebreyend

31 years: Official photographer of the expedition, impassioned snowboarder, and mountains and great slopes, this man from Grenoble began at Vertical magazine at gear heading. After some big races at the Alpes, he remains perched in the top of the summits. After that, he travelled all around the world, by skiing and climbing (Morocco, USA, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, India) and a first Himalayan expedition to the Shishapangma along with Jean-Mi Asselin. This was the beginning of a real good friendship  and expeditions history (Gurla Mandata) which leads them today to the top of the world. Curiosity, friendship, passion led him to join the Everest50 team and, of course, the willing to be on the summit edge.

Jean Marc Seban

49 years, 4 children: TV series producer, Jean Marc has signed a lot of successful TV series such as the Cordiers on TF1 (French channel). His history with the mountain began when he was looking for locations during the shooting of “Les Louves” at Chamonix, in 1995. Since then, he has not stopped expeditions, overall in Himalaya, with his roped friends, Bruno Gallet and Jean-Michel Asselin. Amateurs climbers, Cho Oyu is his first experience, followed by 4 more ascents. He climbed up to 7.800m, and has never done the Everest, he hopes to climb as high as possible, with his little camera!

Maurice Thiney

60 years: He is the explorer of the expedition. Member of the French Association of Explorers, he has travelled around more than 53 countries in 20 years. A real adventurer, he travels and meet new people with always the same liking for discovering the world. He has shared moments of life with the Akas, Méos, Lissus, Yaos or Karens from Thailand, with the refugees from Laos at the Golden Triangle, with Indians, Lapland, Tibetans, Baduis tribes in Indonesia, and so on. Selected in 1992 for the French Olympic Team of Triathlon, he finished 3rd French. In November 2002, he participated to the championship of the world in Mexico and finishes 9th, an Olympic shape!

For the little story, the first ascent of Maurice took place at the Himalaya in 1985, with the Island Peak ascent (6.189m). A trip which will be the detonator of his career. “The 33 days I spent with the Sherpas will remain as a decisive moment in my life… When I came back, I understood that nothing was going to be the same, and I became obligatorily different from the others. The attraction towards these people, these ethnos groups, these tribes said not civilized is irresistible for me.”

Mario Trimeri

50 years: He is the climber who gave the European dimension to this expedition. Mario has travelled all around the world (Nepal, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia…). At 50 years old, he feels ready to climb the Everest and wants also improve his French.

Jean Christophe Van Waes

35 years: Expedition cameraman, Jean Christophe is, before everything, an adventurer. He has already tried twice to climb the Everest, he did the magnetic North Pole by foot, Kilimandjaro’s ascent and more expeditions. Everest50 is, for him, the occasion to discover the world of the highest summit, a dream that comes true.



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