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Everest South Side Expedition
SAAD Mountaineers Expedition

Update: We are very sorry but we are short of funds and still looking for Sponsors . We had no alternative but to postpone the Expedition until next year. Please keep in touch with us and we will also let you know when ever there is good news . Please feel free to tell us if any cooperation is needed in India for any Mountaineer visiting this part of the world.

Thanks!, Sandeep Godbole

Saad Mountaineers sincerely thank you for the inspiring and kind interest shown by you.

The Saad Mountaineers was formed in 1986. Apart from the home land Expeditions in Western Ghats, we have successfully summited 4 Very High altitude ( Above 20,000 feet) peaks , 8 Expeditions up to Medium High Altitude ( Up to 20,000) feet and 16 High Altitude Treks in Nepal and Indian Himalayas.

The Qualification of our members in the Mountaineering field  is as under:
1.Basic Mountaineering Course: 34 Members
2.Advanced Mountaineering Course :10 Members
3.Search and Rescue Course:3 Members.
4.Methodology of Instruction Course: 4 Members. 

This surely indicates the strong pyramid of  our inherent structural strength.

We are aspiring for the Top of the World at this time. It makes sense as we have right amount of experience and our Ace Climbers, are in the more than right fitness required to face the extremes of the Everest.

Our Commitment: Deep in the Mind and Touching the Sky


Mountaineering is an Adventure Sport and most Neglected amongst all the Sports in India. A mountaineer is subjected to the hellish extremities like subzero temperatures, reduced air and oxygen, sucking low atmospheric pressure, rains, storms, hailstorms, blizzards, avalanches, deceptive crevices, inhospitable and inaccessible terrene where any help is impossible to demand, offer and administer. Such hostile surroundings may affect the brain functioning, cause hallucinations, hamper ability to think and act, permanently impair memory, sight and body parts exposed to the colds. High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) are two potential threats that may cause deaths without warning in few minutes. So even if the sportsman is physically fit, he also needs to have a very strong mind to endure with the torturous, hopeless and helpless situations. The opponent in this sport is the Nature within and around the sportsman. Mountaineering teaches us to feel, experience, know, understand, challenge and respect this Nature within and around us. It tells us to daringly and willingly put ourselves in oddest environment and to face it by concentrating all our senses. It's nothing but a Super Meditation. It's a Pratisaad to the" Saad "of the Nature. (The resonance to the call of the Mountains).  Any human going above the altitude of 15,000 of feet invariably does nothing less than shaking hand with the death. Everest is 29,035 feet almost double than tolerance of what the Human Body is designed for. This means, these sportsmen at the Everest must have to conquer the FEARS. No other Sport has basic requirements of this kind. The stakes for a Mountaineer attempting for Everest are for his Life. A mountaineer is not only a Sportsman, but he has all natural human relations. When he goes out, up and above, his children, wife, old parents are praying for his safe return. They are also constantly under enormous stress of looming real danger and persistent calamity. Tell me friends, which other Normal Sports demands your death? Which other Non-adventure Sportsman's families are worried about his very existence? That's how a Mountaineer is different than others; He is no less than a Soldier guarding the National Borders. (Although he does it for his bread and butter. We are not doing this for Bread and Butter.) We do it out of Passion, out of Jupon, out of Madness of our ignited Minds. (This is what our President Dr. Abdul Kalam wants). We are doing it for why a Trapeze artist in a Circus performs after removing the safety net willingly .He would get the bread and butter even if they put the net. But it's some things within him that no words can describe that makes him confident and pushes him to extremity and do it as easily as we wink.

We are same kind of people. We are in charge of the gradual and consistent flush of Adrenalin. And you know thatís Worth, that's Positive, that's Creative, that's going to stay forever as the Light House to the Generations to come. Thatís how this Sport is rooted DEEP IN OUR MINDS. In other regular sports without putting him self into Capital Danger the sportsman gets, recognition & money. In   Mountaineering, monitory reward is far beyond imagination, instead the sportsman himself has to worry for the Expenses. He is sleepless, if it's The Expedition to Everest. For "Mount Everest, Amount Everest" is required to be raised.! This Marketization made by Nepal by charging heavy Royalty of $ 10,000/- per head (Rs. 5 Lakh) per climber probably is very high for Indians. Marketization like it's seen in any other Sport on one hand and the Economic circumstances of the India in general on the other compels us to search for Sponsors. This royalty is probably biggest hurdle for Indians to go there as frequently as people from Developed Countries. Then why to climb Everest? Everybody has his own reasons to climb the Everest. Famous Mountaineer, George Mallory in 1928 said:" Because it is there!!Ē

For us,

1.Itís Touching the Sky.

2. Itís still very Rare for Indians to do it.

3. Itís a most appropriate time for our climbers. They are fit for it. .

4.It will inspire and ignite the Minds of generations to come act positively, like we got inspirations from Sherpa Tensing.

5.It will make Every Indian Proud.

6.Itís the ultimate expression of the Prayer to the Almighty.

7.We are bravely ready to risk our lives for all the above.

8.We are confident about fellow Spirited sponsors like you who can appreciate the essence of this Sport and so will surely Sponsor Generously like other Sports.

The Risks in this Game of DEEP IN THE MIND & TOUCHING THE SKY " demands that apart from the Monitory support we also need blessings and wishes from YOU

The Details of the Expeditions are as under :-

1.No. Of Climbers : 12 No. Of Support Team Members : 12

2.Period : April-May 2003

3.Route :South Col, (Hillary and Tensing Route

4.The Expenditure Budget:-

The Expenses is for duration of the 2 Months. But it may vary, up on the climatic conditions, from 2 to 3 months.

The Expenses for a Team of 12 climbers and 12 support Team members is approximately 400,000 US$ (Rs.2 Crore INR) Current rate Approx 1 $=50 Rs.)

We are raising funds thru sponsorships and donations from well wishers, friends and General Public. SAAD Mountaineers


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