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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report May 4th, 2002

We’re resting at Camp 3 today, after coming up the fixed lines of the Lhotse Face. It was a great effort by all moving from Camp 2 to Camp 3, a physical and dangerous climb. Fortunately we’ve had some good weather to move about in: calm and clear with great views. Camp 3 is spectacularly perched right in the middle of the Lhotse face, which drops away to Camp2 - 2000 ft. below.  Another 2000’ above us is the Yellow Band, Geneva Spur, and finally Camp 4 at the South Col. A more windswept place than the S. Col is hard to imagine! Our tent platforms at C3 are literally chipped out of hard blue ice, and the tents are tied down to the face with climbing ropes. We have a narrow 1’ wide porch outside our tent door, then the face drops off all the way to C2--crampons only outside the tents!

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Jack, Jason and I are here acclimatizing. This is a difficult process at this altitude, compounded by sleepless nights, lethargy, mild headaches, breathlessness, and endless coughing...even simple things seem extremely difficult. We have planned two nights here to adapt as much as possible to 24,000’. Sleeping here is kind of a joke as we wake every half hour or so. Thick frost covers the inside of the tent and the wind hammers outside. We’re mostly just waiting for the sun to come up.

Today, our Sherpa team made it up to Camp 4, so things are progressing. It will still take 10 or more loads to the S. Col before it is fully supplied and ready. Tomorrow we plan to head down, into thicker air, to recuperate before the final summit push.

More details when we return to Basecamp on the 6th.

Scott Woolums
Adventures International Inc.