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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report May 17th, 2002 

Descended to Camp 4, had hot drinks and crawled right into our sleeping bags--I slept like a baby all night. About an hour into the descent from the summit a vicious wind kicked up. It started out as spindrift, but then it came down like a hammer and turned into a 30 minute white-out. It was impossible to know what direction to take to camp at the bottom of the fixed-line, so we stayed put until it passed.

We'll head down to at least Camp 2 today and possibly clear to Basecamp. It'll take all day carrying heavy packs. The risk factor is still quite high, as we have yet to descend the Lhotse Face and get through the Icefall. With the wind kicking up and moving the snow around, the Lhotse Face may be really icy. The route through the icefall is also falling apart; it's been warm and crevasses are opening up. We just have to get through that mess and we're back.

It will be total euphoria once we get down to Basecamp. As for right now, at 26,000 feet, my brain is starting to feel like oatmeal.

Scott Woolums
Adventures International Inc.

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