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Adventures International Everest 2002 Expedition


Everest 2002 Expedition Report April 12th, 2002

Still at base camp. After a couple solid days of rest, we plan to leave for Camp 1 early tomorrow morning. We’ll spend 2 nights at 20,400 ft., with a climb up to Camp 2 for the day at 21,400 ft. Our whole group is feeling good to go so we’re off. This will be our second shot up higher on the mountain (our first to camp above base) and an important acclimatization trip. 

Our Sherpas all carried loads up to Camp 2 today. A big day! The weather was not as nice with a fair bit of wind shaking things up last night, and it was very cold all day.

We spent the day packing food, tweaking crampons, rehydrating, and discussing strategy for the upper mountain. There were several big avalanches today, one that came down very close to the route through the icefall. We will not be able to send any updates till we get back down to base camp on the 15th. Then we should have some good photos from Camp 2 and the Lhotse face from the Western Cwm.

Scott Woolums Adventures International Inc. 


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