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 May 1-5th,1999 Daily Reports

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  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: News for the great climber Carlos Carsolio! Carlos Carsolio, is Elsa Carsolio's husband and one of the five men who has climbed the 14 8000 meter peaks including many difficult routes. "If you want to see more information about Elsa's expedition, you can find it at: http://elsacarsolio.sportsya.com. She was sending information from the Basecamp, so the whole thing is there.", Regards, Carlos Carsolio
  • Elsa's reports are great ! The 5/5/99 report, which announces her summit, tells much detail the condition and atmosphere at Camp 3 and 4 the last few days... She also discusses the communication problems... Which EverestNews.com will talk more about soon...
  • EverestNews.com has 20 summits for the first day now reported, most of which have been confirmed. We have started a summit page...


  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: EverestNews.com has confirmed that Arbin Timilsina, the 15 year old Nepal boy, left Camp 4 at 22:00 NST on 5/4/99 Nepal time. He was reported leaving Camp 4 later than the others who reached the summit. It is assumed but not confirmed that at least two H.A. climbing sherpas were with him.  Assumed to be with him are Ang Gyalgen Sherpa, sirdar (Three Summits of Everest), and Ang Mingma Sherpa (One Summit). EverestNews.com has been told that the boy is acting as expedition leader. The summit nor the return of Arbin has been reported yet... Source: bikrum pandey, Himalaya Center - Nepal


  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: 18 and counting ! At least nine Sherpa climbers are also reported to have reached the summit. EverestNews.com believes four from the Swedish expedition and five from the American expedition. The American and Swedish summits appear to be confirmed world wide. The news of Ray Brown, Graham Ratcliffe, Andy Lapkas (US), Elsa Avila Carsolio have not so far. The Henry Todd communications at BC has been down... according to our source (which is the BBC)... No word if any Sherpas were with the climbers from Henry Todd's expedition.
  • Bernard Voyer has updated his site, we are told with a call from the Summit ! We have not seen it but check Bernard Voyer's site out ! We understand the picture is great with clouds in the background... Not sure if the call is in French or English or both...
  • Sources tell EverestNews.com that Americans Jeff and Kelly Rhoads turned around while attempting the summit. No news on Charles Corfield with the American expedition.
  • Cho Oyu America Women: Their last dispatch has been added to their page. Media Reports coming out appear confused, but everyone is reported doing fine so far, the summits will sort themselves out soon...

Daily News: 5/5/99 Report 7:00AM US

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:  9 climbers reached the summit last night: Bernard Voyer, Ray Brown, Graham Ratcliffe, Andy Lapkis (US), Elsa Avila Carsolio, Pete Athans, Bill Crouse, Goran Kropp and Renata Chlumska.  
  • Several sources are reporting to EverestNews.com the summits of Goran Kropp and Renata Chlumska.
  • Everest Spring 99 North Side:  Patagonia Mountain Agency is reporting, "The Swiss-French Expedition is a conglomerate of individuals hoping to ski or snowboard Mt. Everest. One of their more charismatic members is Stevie Haston, a well-known mixed climber. Ukrainians, which Jacek calls the strongest expedition this year, follow a stricter routine than most expeditions here. The have all been on 8,000 meter peaks before and they already have a tent at Camp III, which is 8,300 meters. When we awake in Base Camp every morning they are outside doing calisthenics to the Tequila Song, which I know as the Pee Wee Herman Song, which kind of goes like this [singing] da-dada-da-da-daa-daa. That might sound familiar to you. I also know how to dance to it. [laughter]." Check their site for all the details  Patagonia Mountain Agency
  • HKE, reliable sources are reporting to EverestNews.com that : "Marcella and Karl are back at base camp from Camp 3 and hope to attempt the summit around 18th May.....I assume the rest of HKE are with them." The Irish Couple Marcella Dunne and Karl Flynn are aiming to be the First Irishwoman and First Couple to reach the Summit by the South Route. The 18th was obviously their guess at the time, things change very fast on Everest as you can see !
  • A source close to one of the OTT climbers report to EverestNews.com that the third group of OTT climbers still have a target date of May 10-12th. The climber also said OTT had lost all communications at base camp... Several expeditions appear to be having problems with base camp communications...
  • Cho Oyu Spring 99: EverestNews.com has received news that as many as three of the women has reached the summit. The news appears "confused", so we will wait until things become clearer...  This American Women's team is attempting to summit an 8,000 meter peak without the use of supplemental oxygen or Sherpa climbing support. Check out their page...
  • EverestNews.com will interview Matt Dickinson author of the Other Side of Everest : Climbing the North Face Through the Killer Storm  on the 12th ! So submit your questions for Matt to everestnews2004@adelphia.net Matt  published the  "The Death Zone" in the UK after his 1996 summit of Everest. We have not read the Death Zone, but assume this is the updated version for the US market...
  • For previous Q&A's see the site index.


  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: HERE WE GO AGAIN ! Reports are coming out that Goran Kropp, Renata Chlumska, Ola Hillberg are planning on going up (which means they should be on their way by now)... Stay tuned.
  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: (received 5/4/99 11:53AM EST US) "This just in! Michael Strynoe has now moved from Camp II to Camp III. Michael said: "The wind has slowed down a bit. I feel strong and will start for the South Col at 05.00 AM local time on May the 5th." Michael hopes to reach the summit on May the 6th at about 10 AM CET. Most of the other climbers who moved for an early summit bid are now returning to Base Camp for restitution - and most of them very tired and very exhausted. I'll keep you updated on Strynoe ", Jesper Lauridsen - check out http://sporten.tv2.dk/everest
  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:  OTT Expeditions, "I got a call from Mike Smith at Base Camp this morning. He said that all our team at the South Col were heading down to C2 today as the weather on the summit was pretty bad. They were all then heading down to base camp for a rest. I'll keep you informed as and when.", Andy Broom OTT Expeditions
  • HKE: EverestNews.com has no news on HKE since we reported they were going up to camp 3 a few days ago... A question for all You ! Who is the youngest American to Summit Everest ? Will Joby Ogwyn be the youngest if he reaches the summit. See our earlier reports for more information on Joby...
  • Jochen Hemmleb's Research Papers ! A reader on EverestNews.com suggested for those of who might be new to EverestNews.com, Jochen's papers along with many other stories are also listed on our site index...

Daily News: 5/4/99 Report 8:47AM

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:   What a wild night... Were you with us last year ??? This was weirder... On to the News...
  • One Source reported to EverestNews.com that Goran Kropp said, "Shit. There is no fixed rope to the summit." Today a group of sherpas will prepare the route and the climbers are then ready to proceed to their ultimate target... No news on how far they got before they figured out the ropes were not fixed...
  • EverestNews.com at this point, believes no climbers went to the summit last night, with most climbers coming down the mountain... Right now, strong winds are being reported on the Summit, so most climbers are coming down and  waiting... however, some climbers are still at Camp 4. Conditions could best be described as unstable... Now expedition by expedition with the news we have....
  • OTT Expeditions: "No firm news. I had a call from Mike Smith yesterday evening (May 03) saying that eight of our team, led by Jon Tinker and Nick Kekus, were at the south col that night for a possible summit attempt on May 4, but that he didn't think it likely due to a deterioration in the weather.", Andy Broom OTT Expeditions
  • Goran Kropp again, EverestNews.com believes his team (Goran Kropp, Renata Chlumska, Ola Hillberg) is still at Camp 4, no news of whether the sherpas got the ropes fixed...
  • News from some of the best Climbers in the World: Czech Expedition Lhotse'99 are: (leader Josef Simunek, climber team is called "Himalaya 8000") Climbers Sona Vomackova, Josef Simunek, Pepino Moravek, Ludek Ondrej and Sherpas Lhakpa Dorjee and Arita have got going to icefall Khumbu yesterday. Sherpas have prepared a place for camp IV (7900m). The other climbers will go from C2 (6400m) to C3 (7200m) to fetch up material tomorrow. Best regards, Jana Hanzlikova, http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/horolezectvi/
  • Everest Spring 99 North Side:  Patagonia Mountain Agency Dispatch from Eric Brown, Patagonia Mountain Agency Yesterday (May 2), we awoke to sunny conditions with only a small amount of snow on some of the tents.  After breakfast, Tadek and Wytek geared up and headed to North Col.  At noon, Jacek called from near Camp II -- about a hundred meters below -- (Camp II is at 7800 meters), and the wind was howling.   Passang and Pema had just returned down and met up with them, exclaiming   "It is impossible to set up tents--too windy!"  In fact, from Jacek's vantage point, he could see two tents already ripped to shreds, blowing in the wind at Camp II.  So they all reversed course back to North Col.  Jacek decided to come on down to open up space in the tents at North Col since Tadek and Wytek were coming up.  The wind was gusty at Camp I also and as Jacek was climbing down towards ABC, he saw tent pieces from another expedition drifting down the steep snow face of the North Col.  Ryszard, Wytek, Tadek, and the Sherpas spent last night at North Col and will try again today to set up tents at Camp II.  Masa [Masaru] arrived at ABC yesterday at 4:15, after leaving Base Camp around 7 o'clock in the morning.

    As of this morning's 8 o'clock radio call, Pema and Passang had headed up to Camp II to try again at setting up tent and Ryszard and Tadek will soon follow them. Wytek is not feeling too well and is heading back to ABC as I'm talking to you. Talli just left for Base Camp.  Jacek and I will soon follow her down. Check their site for all the details  Patagonia Mountain Agency
  • Alan Hinkes Spring Makalu 99 page has been updated with his latest report... Note below for some differences you will see from Alan's report...
  • Michael Knakkergaard Joergensen was the first Danish climber to summit Everest in 1995. He was a highly respected climber and guide. Although not well know in the US, he was well know in Europe and the the UK. Michael was a climber all H.A. climbers wanted to climb with. He was a climber who everyone we spoke with loved, which is not the norm in this business. Michael was the leader of  the eight member Henry Todd's Makalu International Expedition this spring. According to a source very close the the accident Michael died after reaching the summit of Makalu when a rope he was descending on broke and he fell 500 feet. This happened on the Tibet side, about 8300 meters. Michael was known as a safe climber and a great climber to those who knew him. His family will hold a Memorial funeral on Thursday 13 of May at 14.00. Our deep sorrow and prayers go out to the family.
  • EverestNews.com knows of no donation place or cause for Michael at this time, but we encourage you to read the Casey Read/Willie Benegas story.

Daily News: 5/3/99 Report (Part 2)

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:   From a reliable source: "I've just learned that 3 members of the Goran Kropp expedition are heading for the summit at about midnight local time. Climbers include Goran Kropp, Renata Chlumska, Ola Hillberg."
  • Everest on the South Side is silent. Expeditions are not reporting in, sat phones are not being answered, web sites are not being updated... Is it Summit day ? Or a good day to come down ? We will know more tonight or in the morning...
  • Everest Spring 99 North Side:  Patagonia Mountain Agency is reporting from May 2nd, "Well, the weather changed soon after I left the April 30th dispatch. Clouds rolled in and we had snow flurries the whole day.", see their site for the details...
  • Expeditions and Summits, Ministry of Tourism Nepal
    Mountain: Pumori (7161m.)
    Season: Spring 1999
    Route: South East Ridge
    Name of Expedition Team: 1999 Tahoe Sierra Pumori
    Name of Expedition Leader: Mr. David Nettle
    Country: USA
    No. of members: 4
    Date of Summit: 28 April 1999
    Starting Point:  
    Starting Time:  
    Time of Summit: 1530 & 1700 hrs
    Time Spent on the Summit:  
    Returned to:  
    # Name of Summiters & Age Home Town & Nationality
    1. Mr. David Nettle (1957) Tahoe City, California, USA
    2. Mr. Matt Hoggard (1961) Truckee, CA, USA
    3. Mr. Mark Lewis (1955) Tahoe City, California, USA
    4. Mr. Jeffrey Jackson (1957) Truckee, CA, USA


    Mountain: Thamserku (6623m.)
    Season: Spring 1999
    Route: North East Ridge
    Name of Expedition Team: Thamserku Spanish Expedition
    Name of Expedition Leader: Mr. Carles V. Ocana
    Country: Spain
    No. of members: 2
    Date of Summit: 26 April 1999
    Starting Point: Camp I (5300m.)
    Starting Time: 1900 hrs. 25 April 1999
    Time of Summit: 1700 hrs.
    Time Spent on the Summit: 30 mins
    Returned to: Camp I, 27 April 1999
    # Name of Summiters & Age Home Town & Nationality
    1. Mr. Carles V. Ocana (1958) Bercelona, Spain
    2. Mr Joan J. Quintanad Paredes (1960) Bercelona, Spain


    Mountain: Manaslu (8163m.)
    Season: Spring 1999
    Route: North East Ridge
    Name of Expedition Team: UES Manaslu 1999
    Name of Expedition Leader: Mr. Josep Noguera Pous
    Country: Spain
    No. of members: 5
    Date of Summit: 22 April 1999
    Starting Point: Camp IV (7400m.)
    Starting Time: 0400 hrs
    Time of Summit: 1325 hrs
    Time Spent on the Summit: 20 mins
    Returned to: Camp IV
    # Name of Summiters & Age Home Town & Nationality
    1. Mr. Josep Noguera Pous (1970) Sabadell, Spain
    2. Mr. Montalban Antonio (1963) Sabadell, Spain


    Mountain: Amadablam (6812m.)
    Season: Spring 1999
    Route: South West Ridge
    Name of Expedition Team: Swiss Amadablam Expedition
    Name of Expedition Leader: Mr. Daniel Bieri
    Country: Switzerland
    No. of members: 4
    Date of Summit: 24 April 1999
    Starting Point: Camp II (6000m.)
    Starting Time: 0630 hrs
    Time of Summit: 1740 hrs
    Time Spent on the Summit: 30 mins
    Returned to: 6500m.
    # Name of Summiters & Age Home Town & Nationality
    1. Mr. Daniel Bieri (30) Meiennesliwerg, Sursee, Switzerland
    2. Mr. Flavio Huber (31) Weggis, Switzerland
    3. Ms. Carmen Treuthardt (31) Meiennesliwerg, Sursee, Switzerland

    Complied and Reported by Himalaya Center,     Kathmandu,    NEPAL


Daily News: 5/3/99 Report (Part 1)

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: Michael Strynoe - (received 5/3/99 8:51AM EST US) quick update on Michael Strynoe (14.30 CET): Michael is still in camp II. The weather forecast turned out to be a bit too optimistic about the beginning and middle of this week, and right now the wind has picked up, it's snowing and overcast. However, Michael feels strong (can't feel any difference from being in Base Camp) and will positively move for camp III tomorrow and wait there for an updated weather forecast, which is due in the evening. Also, Michael has reported a huge number of climbers - maybe 60-70 - heading for South Col. And some of these people have already been in camp III for a couple of days now. So it looks like these people have thrown the dices and are aiming for Monday and Tuesday for summit day. I'll keep you informed. Check out http://sporten.tv2.dk/everest That's all for now,   Best Regards Jesper Lauridsen
  • LET'S SUMMARIZE: We know OTT is breaking down into three group, with the first group with Jon Tinker up high.  Bernard Voyer from his reports to us before, was planning on waiting, so we assume he has waited. HKE is believed to be part of this large group. The last word from Enrique is that he is was waiting for the first group to pass, so we assume he is not up there... Arbin (the fifteen year old Nepal boy), Henry Todd "group", the Americans, are described above. The Georgians are not believed up high. Goran Kropp's expedition is believed to be included in the large group up high... Yes, most of the climbers are up there ! For a list of climbers and other details about these expeditions see our Everest South Side Expeditions page.
  • Something new: EverestNews.com will bring You a part 2 report today in several hours...

Daily News: 5/2/99 Report (Also see NEWSFLASHS below)

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: Michael Strynoe - (received 5/2/99 10:50AM EST US) I just got off the horn with Michael's Base Camp Manager Jesper Dam. He reported that Michael has indeed started for the top and is currently in Camp II. He left Base Camp at 4.30 local time and arrived in camp II at 14.30 local time. Michael says he's never felt better in camp II before and the problems with his back seems to have gone away - for the time being at least. He's waiting for an update on the weather forecast, hoping to have an extended window into Thursday - that would give him an extra days rest in camp II tomorrow. So Michael is aiming for a summit bid on May the 5th or May the 6th, hoping that the bulk of oxygen supplied climbers are descending by then. I'll keep you up to date these next couple of days! Jesper, For Scandinavian people check out http://sporten.tv2.dk/everest
  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:  At last word, HKE was at camp 3 and going up, OTT was climbing going for a May 3rd Summit Day, the Americans were on the move at camp 2, the Mexicans were at camp 3 and going on. We think Todd's group including Trueman and Graham are up there somewhere. We know they left BC...but their location is unclear.
  • Michael Jorgensen (see NEWSFLASH below) is a very close friend of these British climbers. This news is going to hit these guys like a rock. Unclear how they will react.
  • Nepal’s Underage Boy’s Expedition sets up Camp IV at 8000 m Meanwhile weather turns violent in Kathmandu.

    "Nepal’s under aged Boy’s Expedition has set up highest point Camp at 8000m on Mt. Everest. According to Mr. Padma KC, Expd Co-ordinator at Everest Base Camp, Arbin has returned to Base Camp on 01 May after the Camp has been set up.

    Arbin is going to take 3 / 4 days rest at the Base Camp and will start his climb again. He is expected to start his final assault to Everest Summit sometime around the end of this week.

    Meanwhile Weather in Kathmandu and all over Nepal has turned violent. Last night May 01alone, a strong storm in Kathmandu Valley, an speed of 28 to 33 Km per hour. has claimed the lives of 3 people, many live stocks and blown out Roofs of many Houses in the Valley."

    Reported by Himalayan Guys @ Himalaya Center, Kathmandu 02 May 1999

    Note these are the words of Himalaya Center in Kathmandu, not EverestNews.com. We thought you might be interested not only in the News in how they are reporting Arbin's attempt in Nepal.

  • News from 4/30/99: Carlos Soria (60 aged) has reached summit of Cho Oyu this morning. Mari Abrego and his team are in Camp1 because one on has headache problems. Carlos Soria is attempting three 8.000 peaks (Cho Oyu, Manaslu and Broad Peak) this year. Check: www.barrabes.com for all the details. Source: Marga Nerin from the Barrabes internet magazine
  • Everest Spring 99 North Side:  Patagonia Mountain Agency is reporting,  "The Ukrainians seem to be advancing up the mountain the fastest with the American-led Simonson expedition close behind. Normally, every expedition chips in money to whomever is fixing the ropes. Rumor is the New Zealand-led expedition is wanting to collect money from everybody, but the Ukrainians, who have fixed most of the ropes so far, say they don't want any money at all. BC politics - more as the story evolves. ", see their site for the details...
  • Frankly, the staff at EverestNews.com is stunned by the News on Michael. We will try to share with you a couple of stories we have been told about Michael over the years...in the next few days...if time permits. If not maybe we can after the climbs... Let's keep our hopes and prayers up...
  • Matt Dickinson author of the Other Side of Everest : Climbing the North Face Through the Killer Storm    Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Hardcover - 240 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1999) has agreed to an interview with EverestNews.com and has agreed to take Questions from You, our readers of EverestNews.com ! Submit questions to everestnews2004@adelphia.net For previous Q&A's see the site index.

NEWSFLASH 5/2/99 10:17 AM EST

  • Makalu - Spring 99:

    Makalu - His Majesty's Government Ministry of Tourism has announced today that Mr. Michael Jorgensen, Leader of 8 member Henry Todd's Makalu International Expedition is reported missing since 30th April 1999 after summitting Mt. Makalu I (8463m) from North West Ridge. Mr. Jorgensen (born 1967), a mountain guide from Copenhagen, Denmark is reported to have slipped from about 8300m. while descending from the summit. Other details not yet known.

  • Michael is one of the most respected climbers in the world, bar none. Michael is a climber who all the great climbers like Jon Tinker want to go climbing with. Jon told us the news that Michael was going to Makalu this year. You could tell he would have liked to have been along side him. Many climbers has expressed to EverestNews.com their desire to climb with Michael. He is known as aka, The Climbing Man. This is a very sad day for the climbing world. What affect it will have on Michael's many friends on Everest is yet to be determined. EverestNews.com will NOT be sending this news to Everest, but they probably know...
  • Annapurna I - Six members and two Nepali Mountain Guides of Basque Expedition have successfully climbed Mt. Annapurna I (8091m)  from the North Face on 29 April, 1999. But, while descending from the summit at the altitude of 8000m. One member and one Nepali Sherpa Mountain Guide are reported to have slipped off and died.

    The following are the successful Summitters:
    01.    Mr. Juan Urteaga Oiarzabal (1956), Guide, Vittoria, Spain
    02.    Mr. Fernando Latorre Torres (1970), Employee, Barcelona
    03.    Mr. Juan Vallejo Llanos (1970), Student, Lejarreta, Spain
    04.    Mr. Hong Gil Um (1960), General Manager, Adv. Agency, Euijungbu City,     Kyungki-do, Korea
    05.    Mr. Chang Sook Park (1969), TV Cameraman, Masan City, Kyung Sangnam-Do,  Korea
    06.    Miss Hyun Ok Ji (1961), Teacher, Chungju City, Chungbuk-Do, Korea
    07.    Mr. Ang Dawa Tamang (27yrs), Mountain Guide, Solu Ward No.8, Gorakani
    08.    Mr. Kami Dorjee Sherpa (34yrs), Mountain Guide, Solu, Ward No.4, Kerung.

    Died while descending:
    01.    Miss Hyun Ok Ji        Korean
    02.    Mr. Kami Dorjee Sherpa    Nepali

    The eleven member expedition led by Mr. Juan Oiarzabal Urteaga consists of 7 Spanish and 4 Korean members.

    The Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation expresses deep sorrow at the death of two climbers. Sources: Himalaya Center, Kathmandu Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and others.
  • The daily news update will be delayed several hours as we try to find out more on Michael. Look for NEWSFLASHS ....Our deep sorrow and prayers go out to the families...

NEWSFLASH 5/1/99 9:43 PM EST

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE:  A reliable source reports, We had a Sat. Phone call from a member of the HKE Expedition today (5/1/99). They are at Camp 3 (24000 ft.) and working upwards. Weather is poor- high winds and freezing temperatures. They are well, keen and driving on. No mishaps yet. Bye for now.

NEWSFLASH 5/1/99 1:33 PM EST

  • Everest Spring 99 SOUTH SIDE: Michael Strynoe - the 35 year old Danish climber - will start his summit bid Sunday at 03.30 am CET. Michael climbs the mountain alone without supplemental oxygen. The weather has suddenly shifted for the better making it possible to reach the summit of Everest on May the 5th. After a hard weeks work on the mountain establishing camps III and IV, Michael had hoped to have at least a few more days of rest in Base Camp. But with the unexpected change of weather the attempt has to be made now! More information will follow. For Scandinavian people check out http://sporten.tv2.dk/everest Source: Jesper Lauridsen
  • EverestNews.com asked for a little more detail: Michael will start from Base Camp Sunday at 03.30 CET. He'll walk directly to Camp II where he'll stay for the night. Next day camp III, next day camp IV and later that night he'll push for the summit ! Source: Jesper Lauridsen
  • For Insiders we will be updating tonight again...

Daily News: 5/1/99 Report

  • Everest Spring 99 South Side: Climbers are telling us May 3rd is the "Real Deal" ! Stay tuned...
  • Everest Spring 99 North Side:  Patagonia Mountain Agency is reporting to EverestNews.com that on 4/30/99 "winds are calm at ABC", see their site for all the details and a full report sometime today...
  • Everest Spring 99 South Side: We believe the two expeditions Asian-Trekking is supporting have all their camps established and are considering moving their Summit Day up... These are the "Caucasus 99" expedition and the Pokhara Sagarmatha Climbing Campaign (Arbin Timilsina the 15 years boy)...
  • Everest Spring 99 South Side:  As the summit day is moved back the numbers of climbers are increasing who want to attempt on Day 1...
  • BBC with British climber Graham Ratcliffe reporting 4/30/99:  Waiting for a Window in the Weather:   "The team and provisions are all assembled at Base Camp and Graham Ratcliffe is ready to begin the climb to the summit.", " Now the waiting game begins. They must wait for news of weather conditions further up the mountain. It is vital to choose the right moment to go for a summit attempt. Bad weather on Everest can cost climbers their lives. The energy they use up on the climb means they do not have the luxury of a second attempt. Many people have succeeded in climbing Everest since Hillary and Tensing in 1953, but it is still a very dangerous and hostile environment.... Check the BBC for full details...
  • More from our new friends at www.barrabes.com ! They tell us that Juanito Oiarzabal, the Spanish climber, who on April 29th, 1999, reached the summit of Annapurna (8.091 m.) and completed the last of the 14 peaks over 8,000 meters, wants to climb Everest again ! Because he used oxygen the first time .... Only five other climbers in the world have reached the "true summits" of all 14 8000 meter peaks. Check: www.barrabes.com for all the details. Source: Marga Nerin from the Barrabes internet magazine www.barrabes.com. Yes they are also the cool little logo in the upper left hand corner of our site. More on www.barrabes.com soon !
  • Matt Dickinson author of the Other Side of Everest : Climbing the North Face Through the Killer Storm   Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Hardcover - 240 pages 1 Ed edition (May 1999) has agreed to an interview with EverestNews.com and has agreed to take Questions from You, our readers of EverestNews.com ! Submit questions to everestnews2004@adelphia.net For previous Q&A's see the site index.

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• Sleeping Bags & Pads
• Snowboards
• Snowshoes
• Socks
• Sprayskirts
• Stoves
• Strollers
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen & Repellant
• Sweaters
• Swimming
• Tents
• Travel Accessories
• Underwear
• Vests
• Videos
• Waders
• Watches & Clocks
• Water Bottles & Bags
• Water Filtration