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Gheorghe (aka George) Dijmarescu: Everest 2002

Dear friends and readers of, 

I like to let you know that my departure for Tibet and Everest will be on April 5th. This is for the first time I trumpeted about it and I hope it will not bring bad luck. I stayed here in Kathmandu like a real parasite since March 16th, is the longest I ever stay before expedition, my plans were to take a small trek, around here and to see (for the first time) the beauty of Kathmandu Valley. My desire to go out and see villages and villagers was grater than ever but, as many of you know, things here are not as use to be, I'm referring to safety outside Kathmandu, with Maoists insurgents (terrorists called by the Nepali Government since is the style now for those who opposes you) lurking everywhere, at least is what the Government control media said, was not safe to travel, none of tourists was reported killed or hurt in any way but many innocent peasants were killed in the battle against "terrorism". I think is ignorant not to care about what happens around you, then inevitable everyone has an opinion about what happens and what was told happened. We are now living in a age of fast communications, information and it is harder every day for those who are engaging in things other than "The truth". I will be part of one of the Asian Trekking International Expeditions, who will arrive in Zangmu (2350 meters) on April 5th where we will spend the night, then we will drive to Nyalam (3750 meters) where we will spend 2 nights for acclimatization, the next stop will be Tingri (4350 meters) where we will likely spend 2 nights as well, after that will take only one day to Base Camp on The Rongbuk Glacier (5200 meters), this if all goes well. Further information about my trip will be just speculations since there are so many unknown factors, my desire is to arrive in Advance base Camp (6500 meters) not later than April 14th. I plan to follow the North-North-East Ridge Route establishing 3 camps from above ABC, Camp 1 at 7000 meters, Camp 2 at 7800 meters and Camp 3 at 8300 meters. Our permit was extended this year until June 2nd but I plan to finish my work in Everest by the end of May. I don't plan to use Oxygen on this ascent but this might change, it all depends on weather, my physical and moral condition at that time. I will take a final decision some time in the first half of May. I will not hire any Sherpa climbers and I don't have any climbing partner, therefore it will be me and The Mother Goddess of Earth. This is my 5th trip to Everest, all previous expeditions were on the Tibetan side of the mountain exactly on the same route I will take this year. I succeeded my first ascent on May 26, 1999 with my friend Apa Sherpa of Thame. My second summit was on May 19th and was done solo and without Oxygen. Last year I reached the summit on May 23rd with Lakpa Sherpa, the only Nepali woman who reached the summit of Mt Everest twice, that ascent was done with the use of supplementary Oxygen. In case you wonder what happened with my first trip to Everest, well without any excuse I reached camp 2 at 7800 meters and I gained lots of experience from it. Another thing that I like you to know is that I am not sponsored by any corporation, institution or private person, I never was, but this does not mean I am alone, I carry in my mind my family, Father, Mother, Brother. I'm also morally supported by many people of all ages. The students of Timothy Edwards Middle School in South Windsor as well as the students of Hebron Elementary School in Hebron, both from Connecticut. I am also privileged to be supported by the people at Hartford Hospital, the institution where my father has received a liver transplant almost 2 years ago.

There are many other people who will "be" with me on my journey, for your unconditional support I thank you. Any one who like to send me messages (send to is welcome, however I can't promise I will answer on time.

Best wishes, Gheorghe (aka) George Dijmarescu


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