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Gheorghe (aka George) Dijmarescu: Everest 2002

Dear friends and readers of, (May 7, 2002)

Unfortunately I don't have much to report for now, I was in Base Camp for 5 days rest and tomorrow I will go back up to ABC for the rest of this expedition. This is my 5th attempt at Everest and I hope will be a successful one, so far I feel strong and most importantly confident that my experience and physical ability will carry me to the top of "the world" again. It is always nice to meet familiar faces and logically the more times you go to Everest the more familiar faces you encounter. A couple of days ago I met again a fellow climber who returned here for the 6th time in hope to step on the top of the higher place on Earth. There are so many others who I know from my previous expeditions making this place a familiar one. Like all previous expeditions this one didn't go as smooth as every reasonable climber wishes. This time as usual we couldn't get what we paid for and I am referring to our transportation from Base Camp to Advance Base Camp, a trip of 20Km or so when we have to move all our belongings with the help of Yaks. A couple of years ago these animals carried 75Kg then last year the load was dropped to 50Kg per Yak and this year we or I should say I had to pay $200.00 more because our yaks can only carry 40Kg. Since I'm not a specialist in bovine in fact I am a animal lover of any kind, I can only say that my expedition provider whom I paid what they ask for. Perhaps in this way Asian Trekking of Nepal will once and for all learn that they should nor create problems year after year, we felt cheated and I think our only problem should be Everest. Well this is one of the problem we faced so far not to mention that our food had frozen along with a Chinese truck on the top of a big hill 3 hours away from Base Camp. I'm sure everyone know how tasteful are frozen vegetables and we suppose to take up to 5000 cal a day, well a wishful thinking. It is a challenge to stay healthy and fit without proper food especially at high altitude.

I will report later and I hope the news will be more positive.

Wishing you all best,  Regards George Dijmarescu

[He is going for his 4th Summit of Everest.]


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