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Gheorghe (aka George) Dijmarescu: Everest 2002

Dear, Today May 11 it is windy here in ABC most of the Korean Sherpas made their way to BC, we were hoping they would attempt the summit on May 14 (as they said) but they abandoned it since the wind here is relentless and pathetic. Yesterday Mingma Sherpa, one of the Sherpas from International Expedition returned from camp 2 and reported at least 4 North Face tents and "a typical Russian tent" totally destroyed. Today, it is a question of how many tents are still standing in camp 2. As far as I am concerned my tent is just deposited and not pitched, sometime experience does pay of! Last night a loud explosion was heard and I was thinking like many others that an avalanche has cracked somewhere, this morning another one so loud that it made me run out of my 7AM sleeping bag. Later some of my Sherpa friends explained that the explosion was nothing but a Oxygen bottle who ran lose from a broken tent and by rolling has struck a rock and the big bang. This was something new for me but I'm sure there are so many new other things awaiting here in the big mountain. Only a few Sherpa has gone to camp 3 so far, now even they need the time to rest. I wish I had the time and space to praise this brave people who really are the ones who "fix" the mountains, especially here on Everest. This is my 5th expedition here and I am so glad to meet old Sherpa friends, smiling like always and with open hearts. My group made of: 2 Germans, 2 Holland, 1 Spain, 1 Swiss and 2 Italians due to arrive from Cho Oyu. I will not mention names, what I can say is that only the Dutch and I don't have Sherpa support. Our telephone was broken in the past 3 weeks and we were unable to sent regular messages to you. Since no of us has an accurate weather forecast so far will be impossible to predict when I will make my first bid for the summit. I will like to try early, since will give me another opportunity if weather turn out to be unfavorable for a summit push. I will keep you updated, now that we have tools of communication.
Best wishes to all fans of mountaineering and good luck to the US Soccer
team at the World Cup. Regards George Dijmarescu here in ABC

[He is going for his 4th Summit of Everest.]


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