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Gheorghe (aka George) Dijmarescu: Everest 2002

Note George does not have his own sat phone, and we just received this very old update, but we found it interesting...

Dear,  To all: Today, exactly in a few hours I will depart ABC for a 4 days trip to the top of the world and back again here in ABC. This is my fifth attempt at Everest and I hope I will succeed. I planed to summit on the early hours of May 17th. The weather report from a Swiss team, the most reliable so far indicate that 16 and 17 May is a window of good weather, opportunity which I don't want to lose. On May 16 part of the large Swiss group will go for the summit and in the way will fix the ropes on the "yellow band" up to the NE Ridge. I feel confident and in the same time strong thank to the superb job my cook Maila Magar has done to keep us healthy. I am glad to have him with me for the 4th time. I believe many of the climbers will take advantage of this window and will move up closer to the summit, if that's the case perhaps more than 100 climbers will summit on May 16-17. The North Col look like "market" as a Sherpa friend put it, crowded with climbers just like a small village ready to move upwards. This mountain is still a magnet. It is snowing now but snow is nothing bad at all. My next report will be on May 19th. Wishing you all best.  Regards George Dijmarescu

[He is going for his 4th Summit of Everest.]


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