VERNON TEJAS: Guide for Alpine Assents International plans to guide all 7 Summits in 2002 Vinson 2002!

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From Alpine Assents International, "One of the world's most famed mountaineers, Vernon has summited the highest mountain on each continent and has guided well over thirty climbs on Denali. A charismatic leader, he is legendary for Denali's first solo winter ascent, the first solo ascent of Mt. Vinson and as a lead guide for Col. Norman Vaughn's ascent of Mt. Vaughn. Vernon led the Alpine Ascents International expedition to Iran's Mt. Damavand (one of the first American guided climbs). Most recently Vern had outstanding success with two trips to Mt. Vinson, Denali and Elbrus, guided the Alpine Ascents International 2000 Everest expedition and in his free time, completed a winter ascent of Aconcagua and a top 10 finish in the 1999 Eco-Challenge."