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 Jan 11-20th, 2000 Daily Reports

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Daily News: 1/20/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000

As previously announced on EverestNews.com Asian-Trekking will be supporting the Nepalese Women Millennium Everest Expedition 2000.

Four women climbers, Lakpa Sherpa, Mingma Yangzi Sherpa, Dawa Yangzi Sherpa and Dolma Sherpa. Only one Nepalese woman has reached the Summit of Everest. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa died descending after reaching the Summit on 4/22/93. Similarly, the Expedition was organized with Mrs. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa as the expedition leader supported was a strong Sherpa team of male climber including the great Sonam Tshering Sherpa who gave his life trying to save Mrs. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa from death.

Lakpa Sherpa is the Expedition leader of the "Nepalese Women Millennium Everest Expedition 2000" and brother of Chhiring Sherpa, who has reached the Summit of Everest 4 times. Four climbers from Asian trekking will support this attempt. Two of which (at least), EverestNews.com is told will be climbers who have previously reached the Summit of Everest.

  • House Keeping

Our Reader feedback has been to keep EverestNews.com basically the same. However, with a New Year, we always try to do a little more. Let us know how you like or don't like the changes you are seeing at everestnews2004@adelphia.net. Check out the New Home Page if you missed it www.everestnews.com . Many New Readers seem to prefer this traditional Home Page design, therefore we will try it to see how it works...

The Books

Daily News: 1/19/2000 Report

  • Lost on Everest

Editorial Comment: Thank You, Eric, Andy, Graham, Jochen, and all the guys and to Liesl too, for a wonderful movie. Thanks to WGBH and BBC, for without dollars these things are not possible. You helped Jochen live his dream.

EverestNews.com hopes You noticed Andy. Andy has been a friend of ours for around 15 years. We thought the movie really showed Andy. In the "storm", "he was Andy ...".

Andy Politz is a very strong climber and an Everest veteran, who reached the Summit of Everest in 1991 from the North side.  EverestNews.com was very happy to see Andy in the News...

  • Jochen Hemmleb has agreed to a Q&A and will take questions from You, our readers of EverestNews.com. Submit to everestnews2004@adelphia.net

    Jochen Hemmleb's Research Papers are here if you have not read them.

  • For all the New Readers of Everest News: The News of Spring 2000 Everest Expeditions will continue on Thursday. EverestNews.com plans coverage of the great climbers to the rich climbers, to the unknown climbers, and the Sherpa climbers also. That is what we do here. For those who have been with us for awhile, we hope 2000 will be better than ever for You...

The Books

Daily News: 1/18/2000 Report

The Books



Daily News: 1/15/2000 Report


The searchers
"Lost on Everest" on NOVA
Tuesday, January 18 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS

In 1999, a NOVA-sponsored expedition made one of the most astonishing discoveries in the history of mountaineering: the well-preserved body of explorer George Mallory at the spot where he died in 1924 on a heroic effort to be the first to scale Mount Everest.

NOVA tells the inside story of the expedition that found Mallory and then went on to climb Everest using the northeast ridge route that Mallory and fellow climber Andrew Irvine were attempting to pioneer.

Lost on Everest, airs Tuesday, January 18 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings).

The program features exclusive footage of the search and discovery of Mallory on a steep, rock-strewn incline at 27,000 feet. Rare footage in this extreme environment captures the legendary climber lying face down, clutching the frozen face of the mountain to arrest his fatal fall of 75 years ago.

Search team member Conrad Anker made the discovery, attracted by the striking whiteness of Mallory's mummified skin. On closer inspection, he saw a hobnailed boot and tattered wool and cotton clothing-signs that the body was very old.

Many artifacts were found with Mallory, including personal letters, an altimeter, a broken rope, and snow goggles in his pocket.

The stowed goggles may signal that he and Irvine were climbing at night, possibly returning from the summit.

Drawing on their extensive climbing experience, members of the expedition speculate on camera about the clues revealed by the artifacts and Mallory's distinctive pattern of injuries.

Renowned mountaineer David Breashears also discusses the chances that Mallory and Irvine reached the summit, based on his knowledge of Everest history and his own four ascents of the mountain.

Ironically, as the searchers assemble around Mallory after Anker's discovery, they all think they are gazing at Irvine. A Chinese climber had reported stumbling on "an English dead" in 1975, presumably Irvine since the corpse was somewhere below the ridge where Irvine's ice ax was found in 1933.

NOVA shows climber Jake Norton carefully scratching Irvine's name and dates on a piece of shale. But then team member Dave Hahn notices a shirt tag on the body. "Oh my God!" he says. "This is George Mallory!"

Mallory and Irvine were last seen alive on the afternoon of June 8, 1924, when they were spotted less than a thousand feet below the summit, climbing steadily upwards.

The most daunting obstacle on their route is the notorious Second Step, a 90-foot cliff that they probably had not reached when they were last seen. Today's climbers scale the step with the help of a fixed ladder. No one is known to have conquered it by an unaided, free climb, as Mallory and Irvine would have to have done, until Conrad Anker attempted it on the NOVA expedition, two weeks after finding Mallory's body.

NOVA documents Anker's attack on the Second Step during his summit bid with fellow climbers Dave Hahn, Jake Norton, Tap Richards, and two Sherpas. All but Anker and Hahn turn back below the Second Step, which Anker eventually clambers up with difficulty. He and Hahn then continue to the summit.

Though his success at free climbing the Second Step shows it can be done, Anker believes it may have been too daunting and dangerous for Mallory and Irvine, whose equipment and experience were probably not up to the challenge.

But other team members feel just as strongly that Mallory and Irvine reached the top. Definitive proof must await a search for Irvine's body and the camera that he and Mallory were carrying. A picture from the summit would settle the question once and for all.

Meanwhile, the expedition has answered many questions but raised even more. Says Hahn: "We're not sorry if we've deepened the mystery." Now in its 26th season, NOVA is produced for PBS by the WGBH Science Unit.

Daily News: 1/13/2000 Report

  • Babu Chhiri Sherpa

Babu Chhiri Sherpa is considered one of the greatest Everest Climbers ever with nine Everest Summits (including 4 North Side summits) to date. Many consider Babu Chhiri Sherpa the strongest climber on Everest today. Babu Chhiri Sherpa is working with Himalaya Expeditions., Inc. (www.himalayas.org) where is Director of Expeditions. He also works for NOMAD Expeditions as Director of their Expedition Division. His resume can be found on the www.jannu.org site. Babu also commonly works with OTT Expeditions from the UK.

In Spring 1999: Babu spent over 21 hours on the Summit of Everest. 


This picture is from the 1997 Jannu North Face Expedition. The wall behind him is an unscaled monster, 6000 ft of sheer vertical ice/rock starting at 19000ft, leading to the summit of 25,000 ft Jannu.



Photo Credit: http://www.jannu.org

Babu was honored this month in Nepal for his achievement of sleeping on the Summit of Everest.

  • Other Recent Visitors to Nepal: On the Serious Side

Millard Dean Fuller, founder and president of Habitat for Humanity.  Fuller founded Habitat with his wife Linda in 1976. 

Habitat is currently building houses in Nepal. If Readers know more about this please let us know, as we are sure more readers would love to contribute to this good cause. everestnews2004@adelphia.net

  • Other Recent Visitors to Nepal: On the Lighter Side

Pop Singer Ricky Martin

Daily News: 1/12/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2001

Peter Austen, plans to return to Everest in Spring 2001.

EverestNews.com spoke with Peter yesterday by phone. Peter told EverestNews.com that he has received the O.K. for his planned 2000 climb of Everest but was seeking more climbers. Peter told EverestNews.com he is a Ph.D. , a mountaineer, business consultant, mountain guide, author, educator and adventure company operator. He speaks five languages, has academic degrees from Canada, England and the USA. He has lived in six countries and has explored fifty more. A true adventurer at heart, he has climbed mountains and mountain walls on five continents.

Peter was previously part of the 1991 Canada's Everest expedition, the Climb for Hope.

Peter is author of

Everest Canada : The Climb for Hope
by Peter Austen available now in paperback from Amazon.  Foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary

His web site is:


Daily News: 1/11/2000 Report

  • Everest Spring 2000

Along with the many other expeditions this spring on Everest is a Nepali Women New Millennium Sagarmatha Expedition to celebrate the predominant role, the Nepali women are expected to play in the coming century.

The Theme: The Nepali woman as a mountaineer set to conquer the world's highest mountain is a symbol of the confidence, courage, strength and will-power required to face the challenges of the next century.

Some of the other Expeditions EverestNews.com will be working with this Spring:

www.everestcleanup.com  2000 Everest Environmental Expedition

Byron Smith is returning to Everest:



Many others will be announced in the coming weeks.

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