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 July 2001 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

July Headlines Archive Note July 1-31st order

7/01 Success on Minglig Sar, Trango Tower, Diran 7266 meters

7/01 Italian Gasherbrum II Expedition

7/02 Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 Expedition 2001: Two more updates

7/02 Veikka Gustafsson Update

7/02 German Amical Alpin Nanga Parbat 2001 Expedition: Summit Update

7/02 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Update

7/02 Waldemar Niclevicz does it again !

7/02 Tom Moores' rescue in his words, his new report...

7/02 Another American leaves Nanga Parbat unsuccessful

7/02 Gasherbrum II Update

7/03 Pepe Garces returns to K2...

7/03 We will bring you some special pictures for July 4th, check in !

7/03 China Tibet Mountaineering Association: 11th 8000m-in-the-bag for the TMA as they Summit Broad Peak

7/03 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: Must read dispatches with great pictures from Pakistan Two full pages as we get you caught up...

7/03 Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 Expedition 2001: Update

7/03 Hans Kammerlander's unsuccessful attempt on Ogre South Face

7/03 Joao Garcia, Andre Georges ...

7/03 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: The Team

7/04 Thursday will bring our Normal updates, which be expected to be a large update...

7/04 German Amical Alpin Nanga Parbat 2001 Expedition: The report and must see pictures! Many up high pictures on Nanga Parbat.

7/04 Stefan Gatt: pictures from my snowboard-descent: Must see pictures !!!

7/04 Andy Politz is taking questions for the Q&A (Mallory and Irvine): Try to ask specific questions. Submit to web@everestnews2004.com 

7/05 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: Dispatch

7/05 All readers (visitors) to the site please read...

7/05 Gasherbrum I & Gasherbrum II 2001 News

7/05 American Broad Peak expedition and more...

7/05 Snow In The Kingdom !

7/05 Pakistan 2001 News

7/05 Climbers Lectures are Back: Andy Politz

7/05 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Update

7/06 K2 2001 Expedition Update

7/06 News about UK International Gasherbrum II Expedition led by Thomas Richardson

7/06 Alpine Ascents International: More Summits and the expedition comes to an end...

7/06 The AKUT climbers rescue people year around. It is what they do. 

7/06 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: New Dispatch with great Pictures

7/06 Everest 2001 Read it again !

7/06 Summits on Nanga Parbat

7/06 More on the Broad Peak Summits

7/06 Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Jon Krakauer, and his His Holiness the Dalai Lama working together

7/06 Have you see the EverestNews.com Classified ads ?

7/07 Two New K2 Czech Dispatches

7/07 Autumn Shishapangma

7/07 What a staff member of EverestNews.com does for the 4th...

7/07 Gasherbrum I: Some background and History

7/07 K2: Some background and History

7/07 Guest Column: What Chance Did M&I have in Reaching the Summit of Mt. Everest?

7/07 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

7/07 Save on your Inmarsat phone and airtime costs !! 

7/07 The AKUT climbers rescue people year around. It is what they do. 

7/07 Nanga Parbat: Some background and History

7/09 NEWSFLASH: Alberto Inurrategui Summits ! One Left...

7/09 K2 Status: News from K2 Base Camp

7/09 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: Featured Expedition, two more dispatches...

7/09 Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 Expedition 2001: Three more updates as things are getting interesting...

7/09 Waldemar Niclevicz the report and picture !

7/09 Gasherbrum I & Gasherbrum II: First Up ? and More !

7/09 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Update

7/10 More Summits!

7/10 David Keaton joins the Ararat 2001 Peace Climb

7/10 Erhard Loretan – Quickly and lightweight

7/10 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II 2001 Expedition: Summits!

7/10 K2 2001 Update

7/11 K2 2001 Update

7/11 Bad news from Gasherbrum I

7/11 RICARDO TORRES-NAVA: Ararat 2001 Peace Climb member


7/11 Kilimanjaro 2001

7/12 G2 Summits...

7/12 American Biantha Brakk (Ogre) expedition led by Hans Johnstone

7/12 Broad Peak Expedition News Update

7/12 Three reports on the death on G1: Sad news 

7/12 Himalayan Climbers Headline 2001 Banff Mountain Film Festival

7/12 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Update

7/12 8000 Meter page Updated: Note the Summits are from historical records...

7/12 Gasherbrum II: Some background and History

7/13 K2 2001 Czech Update that discusses many expeditions

7/13 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: A Featured Expedition

7/13 The Mass in memory of Claudius Gαlvez is today: He leaves behind a wife and three children.

7/13 Kilimanjaro 2001

7/13 K2 2001 Updates !

7/13 He summitted Everest this Spring, now he returns to climb for good causes...

7/14 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: A Featured Expedition Two new  Updates

7/14 Into the Unknown

7/14 Broad Peak: Some background and History

7/14 CHRIS BONINGTON (United Kingdom, 1934)

7/15 Kathmandu is "closed" with another strike, but the good work goes on. A must read ! Make sure you see all three photos !!!

7/16 Okay this is Wally Berg calling in...

7/16 Flying down Nanga Parbat !

7/16 A six member expedition from USA and Russia has already left for Masherbrum

7/16 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

7/16 A large number of climbers in G1 base camp.

7/16 Young seok Park K2 2001 !

7/16 The Journey begins this week !!!

7/17 HolylandExpeditions.com the journey to Mt. Ararat starts

7/17 Autumn Everest 2001 begins soon...

7/17 Official Report on the death of Claudius Galvez from the Chilean Expedition

7/17 Czech K2 Pictures Click from page to page...


7/17 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: Update

7/17 Kilimanjaro 2001

7/17 Czech K2 Dispatch

7/17 Chilean Expedition to Gasherbrum I: Pictures

7/18 RICARDO TORRES-NAVA is the first Ararat climber to arrive...

7/18 Kilimanjaro 2001: 7/17/01 6:54pm, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

7/18 Mountains and Cars? at 4000 meters

7/18 Gasherbrum I and GII Expeditions and News: Updates

7/18 Climbers Lectures

7/18 Graham Hoyland is working on a film and book project about the German attempts to climb the Eiger in the 1930's. And yes Autumn Everest 2001 is still on ... 

7/19 Ararat 2001 Peace Climb: Update from David Keaton

7/19 K2 Summit Attempts expected in the next few days !!

7/19 The Mt. Ararat Attempted Rescue

7/19 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: Update

7/19 He survived a fall down into a 20m deep crevasse...

7/19 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001 Update

7/19 Double Amputee Accepts the Challenge of Mount Everest: This will be a featured Expedition on EverestNews.com 

7/19 K2: The final assault planned based on a weather forecast! Let's hope it is a correct one ! 

7/20 Ararat Peace climb: From National TV to stepping back in Time!

7/20 K2 Summit Attempts !!! We will go up to summit tomorrow...

We found a dead body on the way from base camp to....

7/20 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Russians with a wild  mystic dispatch...

7/20 GII a Summit ! and other news not so good...

7/21 Ararat Peace Climb: This is like a dream. I am in a place where a significant event took place in the history of mankind.

7/21 The final assault to the Summit of K2 NOW !!!

7/21 Death on the Big Wall expedition BASK-LATOK III

7/21 K2 2001: K2 Himalaya 8000 Expedition 2001: Observations, status, OPINIONS and death. Three new must read Updates

7/21 Ararat Peace Climb: Saturday in Dogubayazit

7/21 K2 the Summit assault: The weather window looks short, the attempt appears extremely dangerous. But the Spanish and Koreans are planning to go for it.

7/21 Greeks Summit Gasherbrum II

7/21 For a full list of updates on the 2001 Ararat Peace Climb see here.

7/21 8000 Meter page Update

7/21 Broad Peak Update

7/21 Kilimanjaro 2001: Arusha, Tanzania

7/21 Slovenia Ogre Expedition

7/22 Ararat Peace Climb: Traveling to the other side of the mountain...

7/22 NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 8:22am: Summits of K2 by the Korean Expedition including Park young seok

7/22 NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 6:48am in America: Summit of K2 by the Spanish

7/22 NEWSFLASH Update 7/22/2001 4:49am 150 meters below the Summit of K2

7/23 Ararat Peace Climb: The Ark, God, and climbing... A Must Read

7/23 Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner have safely made it back to K2 Base Camp

7/23 All the Summits of K2 to date...

7/23 Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille are reported to have summited K2 via the Cesen route and Pepe Garces and Carlos Pauner had safely descent to Camp 4 ...

7/23 Ararat Peace Climb: Fernando Gonzales Rubio and Marcelo Arbelaez departing the airport yesterday to join ...

7/23 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001: Two New updates which include Summit information on others...

7/23 The Czechs tell us that Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille has summitted K2 !

7/24 RICARDO TORRES-NAVA ON ARARAT: preparing ourselves for what is expecting us ahead, the unknown... Life is good to us and God is blessing this project!... And maybe, just maybe, as a bonus token, God may grant us...

7/24 Ararat Peace Climb: All roads lead to Igdir: Between large blocks of fallen stone and high grass where a number of large headstones with crucifixes on them. The site is probably more than 1500 years old...

7/24 Saxon Karakorum Expedition: nice pictures!

7/24 Sad news from K2...

7/24 Ararat Peace Climb: As no one has been there before, including Nasuh himself, this is where the adventure begins!!!

7/24/2001: Marcelo Arbelaez: 2001 Ararat Peace Climb member

7/24/2001: Fernando Gonzales Rubio: 2001 Ararat Peace Climb member

7/24 Hans Kammerlander and Jean Christophe Lafaille bivouac on the way down from the Summit of K2 ?

7/24 Success and Death on GII

7/24 Broad Peak 2001 Expeditions and News

7/24 Slovenia Ogre Expedition

7/24 8000 meter page Updated Again !

7/25 Ararat Peace Climb: David Keaton reports in as the climbers move up the mountain.

7/25 Things are not good... on K2... Death

7/25 More Gasherbrum II Summits

7/25 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001: Update

7/25 Broad Peak Summits

7/26 Ararat Peace Climb: Marcelo Arbelaez and Fernando Gonzalez-Rubio getting caught up and thoughts on being there...

7/26 K2: It was a nightmare to go down with many sick members during bad weather.  Also a new e-mail from the Czech Expedition.

7/26 Ararat the North/Northwest Side Picture

7/26 K2 Czech Expedition 2001: Concern for the Koreans climbers and Tension

7/26 Wally Berg is back again...

7/26 Today's K2 Picture

7/27 Ararat Peace Climb: We wait.

7/27 The Czech Interview with Hans Kammerlander

7/27 Today's K2 Picture

7/27 Francois Langlois: Everest Summitter 2001 Q&A Part Two

7/27 Yes Andy Politz is working on those Questions, Soon !

7/27 Save on your Inmarsat phone and airtime costs !! 

7/27 Coming home after the expedition leader's death...

7/27 Pakistan 2001 General News

7/28 Ararat Peace Climb: The Summit without the details! Updated

7/28 The Czech interview with Jean Christophe Lafaille after his Summit of K2

7/28 Today's K2 Picture: Snowman

7/28 Wally Berg checks in again 

7/30 Are you ready ? Ready for Autumn Everest 2001 !!!

7/30 Pakistan 2001 General News: We ourselves are responsible for not making the summit, said Shogo Kada, my team was weak. 

7/30 Ararat Peace Climb: Ricardo reports in !

7/30 Belgian expedition on Gasherbrum: Dealing with Death, then Success...

7/30 Saxon: Gasherbrum I, an huge avalanche and the picture!

7/30 Kilimanjaro 2001: As a mountaineer, I never underestimate climbing above 5,000 meters

7/31 Americans Summit Board Peak !!!!

7/31 K2 Update

7/31 Ararat Peace Climb: Part One of the Summit Report from Marcelo Arbelaez & Fernando Gonzales Rubio

7/31 Rare Pictures from Ararat North side with more to follow

7/31 GII Summits !

7/31 Saxon G1/G2 Update: One meets a lot of interesting people, and among 8000 m climbers there are a lot of rare birds...

7/31 Wally Berg Summits again

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