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 June 2001 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

June Headlines Archive Note June 1-30 order

6/01 Several members of the Nepal royal family had been killed, including the King and Queen. Details.

6/01 Sergi Mingote Everest Expedition Update

6/01 Jaime Viρals Update

6/01 The 72 Expeditions to Pakistan in 2001: This will now be the MASTER list of Expeditions page.

6/01 Juan Oiarzabal ANSWERS Chris Warner's report; Strong Words

6/01 Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001

6/01 RAF Summit attempt on Everest still planned for this weekend!

6/01 Ukraine Himalaya 2001: first Ascent of Peak II

6/01 Report: 4 more Austrians reached the Summit of Makalu, but sadly no signs of Erich Resch the missing alpinist from Helmut Ortner

6/01 Everest Expedition: Polytechnic University of Valencia

6/02 Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team Everest Expedition 2001 Going for it right NOW !!! What we know...

6/02 Ed Viesturs to have the company of many strong climbers on Nanga Parbat in June!

6/02 The RAF Summit attempts on Everest continue !

6/02 Kangchenjunga: Updated story

6/02 More Updates later today !

6/02 Mark McDermott has joined Stephen Venables and Alison Hargreaves as the only British climbers that has reached the Summit of Everest without the use of artificial oxygen.

6/02 Pakistan 2001 News: Shandur Polo Festival

6/02 Alpine Ascents International with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali

6/02 Broad Peak 2001: All the Expeditions and some details and reports !

6/02 Snow In The Kingdom !

6/03 NEWSFLASH RAF to go again, enough oxygen!

6/03 Summit Attempts again tonight !

6/03 RAF Update They did go for it !

6/03 Please try to support us

6/03 First ascents of Makalu 6000'ers in the Shipton style

6/03 Peace Climb Details to be released next week

6/04 NEWSFLASH 6/4/2001 9:30PM US time:  better today

6/04 A German is planning to make a World record by gliding down from the South Wall of Nanga Parbat...

6/04 NEWSFLASH: Riots and tear gas in the streets of Kathmandu has caused a tense day in Kathmandu today.

6/04 Trying for the hat-trick on Gasherbrum II

6/04 RAF Everest Expedition: The Update

6/04 Jason Edwards Mountain Experience Everest Expedition

6/04 The ROUGH translation of the Austria Summit report

6/04 The Australian Army Everest Expedition is over...

6/04 Sergio Martini

6/04 Piotr Pustelnik joins the elite club! 

6/05 Mountain Experience Everest Expedition Want to go to the airport?

6/05 EverestNews.com interview with Chris Warner Details

6/05 Expedition: Ararat 2001 Peace Climb

6/05 More updates later today...

6/05 Mountain Experience Everest Expedition Stuck in Kathmandu !

6/05 The curfew is back on

6/05 Pakistan Expeditions and News: the season is here! See below

6/05 K2 20001 Expeditions and News

6/05 Broad Peak 2001 Expedition List

6/05 Nanga Parbat 2001 Expeditions

6/05 Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II Expeditions and News

6/05 General Pakistan News Page

6/05 The Master list of all the Expeditions in Pakistan in 2001.

6/05 Mountain Experience Everest Expedition Concern in Kathmandu

6/05 Alpine Ascents International with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali: Another day filled with wind and anxiety

6/05 Mike Trueman vents! Everest 2001

6/06 Stefan Gatt: An Everest Summit without oxygen and a snowboard ride from the top!

6/06 British Broad Peak Expedition is here in Pindi for departure to Skardu to attempt Gasherbrum II. Note Henry Todd

6/06 Swiss Broad Peak expedition Update

6/06 Did IMG have inside information when their Sherpas and two of their unguided climbers reached the Summit first this year on Everest?  The IG0 8000 Advantage for Everest 2001

6/06 Hans Kammerlander K2 2001

6/06 Meteora is indeed one of the most magical and most historic places in all of Europe. Some are pushing to ban climbing there.

6/06 More Lhotse Middle Summits ! 

6/06 "Sherpa-Unsung Heroes": Next an interview with Ang Tshering, who accompanied Mallory on the 1922-1924 expeditions to Everest.

6/07 Chris Warner Interview Updated

6/07 World Summit's K2/Broad Peak 2001 Expedition

6/07 The 2001 Himalayan Experience Everest Expedition: Chris Warner Wrapping up June 7, 2001

6/07 Mountain Experience Everest 2001 Expedition: Good Times !

6/07 Waldemar Niclevicz is back again!

6/07 Chilean Women Everest 2001 Expedition: First brother and sister to get to the summit on the same day and so much more !

6/07 Gasherbrum I Chilean Expedition: This will be a featured Expedition on EverestNews.com

6/07 Mr. Park goes for the 14th of the 14 8000 Meter peaks: K2!

6/07 Alpine Ascents International with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali: Summits and MANY others up high !

6/07 Most of the Everest climbers are getting out of Kathmandu with Simonson, Warner, and most home.

6/08 Everest Spring 2001: Zebulon and his wife Claire Bernier Roche flew together on a tandem paraglider from the Summit  Update

6/08 Jaime Viρals Plans/May 24th Rescue Story Editorial Comments

6/08 Andy Lapkass Update

6/08 Nanga Parbat 2001: Camp 1 is set up by the Spanish

6/08 Chilean Women Everest 2001 Expedition

6/08 Erik Weihenmayer Makes History: More of the story of Summit day and his future plans

6/09 Alpine Ascents International with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali: "Complete success reported"

6/09 Alberto Inurrategi returns to finish the Quest for the 14, after the stunning sad death of his older brother last year on GII

6/09 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II: Itinerary

6/09 Another great climber on Nanga Parbat this summer

6/10 South Australian Expedition has issued a new dispatch: Is this success? [No definitely NOT!]

6/10 Australian Passu Sar Peak 7478 meters (virgin) North East Face expedition led by Mr. Damien Gildea 

6/10 Everest 2001 Read it again !

6/10 Babu Chiri Sherpa Update

6/11 Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Jon Krakauer, and his His Holiness the Dalai Lama working together

6/11 For more on Sherpas in Darjeeling, India "Sherpa-Unsung Heroes": A unique and exciting project (the connection to above)

6/11 Was Sandy Irvine’s body found this year on Everest?

6/11 Gasherbrum II Update


6/11 World Summit's K2/Broad Peak 2001 Expedition: Updated

6/11 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II: Background

6/11 Have you see the EverestNews.com Classified ads ?

6/12 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II: David Hamilton Leader

6/12 Join ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali.

6/12 Snow In The Kingdom !

6/12 Chilean Expedition to Gasherbrum I: Goals

6/12 Please try to support us

6/12 Guest Column: Clouded Ambition: The Difference Between Living and Dying In The Mountains by Thomas Pollard

6/12 Mr. Park, going for number 14 on K2 !!!

6/13 German (International) K2 Expedition 

6/13 A good cause in this difficult time

6/13 The Peace Climb: Ararat North Side !

6/13 Is this is strongest climbing team in the world today? Check them out as they go to K2

6/13 First ascents of Makalu 6000'ers in the Shipton style

6/13 Chilean Expedition to Gasherbrum I: Dispatches

6/13 Austria Everest 2001: Better translation

6/13 General Pakistan 2001 News 

6/14 History of the Czech K2 Expedition: Himalaya 8000 !

6/14 Chilean Expedition to Gasherbrum I: Background on GI and introduction, a must read !!

6/14 Gasherbrum II Update

6/14 Big Wall Update: They want to climb them all !

6/14 Join ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali Updated

6/14 Guest Column: What Chance Did M&I have in Reaching the Summit of Mt. Everest?

6/15 7 Summits from a Two-seater Tandem Paraglider: Their story told by Zeb and Claire themselves. A must read ! 

6/15 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

6/15 Revisit: Kangchenjunga (8586m), Fall 2000, South-West Route

6/15 He will attempt K2 by the very difficult South Face on a solo attempt at the summit of K2.

6/15 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II: Dispatch One

6/15 Ed Viesturs Nanga Parbat 2001: Many climbers, many real good climbers...

6/16 Trango Tower expedition will attempt a new route from the East Face

6/16 USA Broad Peak Expedition 2001

6/16 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL with guides Wally Berg, Todd Burleson, Vern Tejas for a season on Denali. Updated

6/16 Ivan Vallejo and Juan Vallejo A must read !

6/16 Pakistan and China plan to attempt K2 together !

6/16 Did you miss Nanga Parbat 2000: It was an interesting year.

6/18 Fausto De Stefani news

6/18 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II: Dispatch Two

6/18 Everest South Side Expedition Spring 2001: One you did not hear about...

6/18 Adventure Consultants Mustagh Ata 2001 Expedition: Going Back...

6/18 Tom Moores in his own words: " On the 21st of May I summited Lhotse. Unfortunately on the way down I fell about 500 meters."

6/18 K2 and Broad Peak 2001 is now just Broad Peak 2001

6/18 Nanga Parbat climbers moving up

6/18 "Rescue" Update

6/19 Cho Oyu: The History

6/19 First ascents of Makalu 6000'ers in the Shipton style; A couple of spots left !!!

6/19 Chilean Makalu Expedition: Their Summit report

6/19 Three men with a Dream: Man did they live it !!! One of them however is now in the hospital.

6/19 Save on your Inmarsat phone and airtime costs !! 

6/19 Serap Jangbu Sherpa

6/19 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL Denali climbs continues


6/20 Anna Czerwinska Updated

6/20 Broad Peak 2001 Status: Pak-China Broad Peak expedition

6/20 The story of May 23rd and May 24 from the leader of the Siberian Everest 2001 expedition.

6/20 The 2001 Himalayan Experience Cho Oyu Expedition

6/20 Ang Dorjee Sherpa/ Bernard Voyer

6/20 It is Q&A Time ! We start on the South Side with Francois Langlois who reached the Summit on May 24th as a member of the Mountain Experience Everest Expedition

6/20 Want to ask Everest climbers questions? Only on EverestNews.com do you get to ask the Questions ! Submit your questions to Francois or others ASAP to everestnews2004@adelphia.net 

6/20 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali. We're at 20,320 feet in North America, the highest point, Denali!  Everybody's doing pretty good it was a rough start, rough going, but we made it and we are going to take our time getting down. 

6/21 Newsflash Exclusive: Graham Hoyland to return to Everest this Autumn in search of the clues to resolve the Mystery of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine.

6/21 The AKUT climbers rescue people year around. It is what they do. 

6/21 Tom Moores Giving Thanks

6/21 Nanga Parbat 2001 Expeditions and News: Climbers headed back up!

6/21 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001 Update

6/21 Byron Smith stood upon the Summit of Everest on May 21st 2000.

6/21 Broad Peak 2001 News

6/21 British Great Trango Tower expedition led by Mr. Mike Turner leave for Skardu. The four member strong team of all professional guides will attempt Great Trango from North East Face.

6/21 Gasherbrum I & Gasherbrum II 2001 News

6/21 Top Women on 8000 Meter Peaks Updated 

6/21 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: Couldn't ask for a better team, we range in age from 21 to 57, and everyone is very strong and very motivated. Denali continues!

6/22 Several climbers now seem interested in what they are calling the Adventure Grand Slam.

6/22 K2 2001: Qgir - K2 Himalaya 8000 expedition 2001: First 2 Dispatches Check them out!

6/22 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: North America is truly a phenomenal endeavor from beginning to end.  The climbers all agreed that their next vacation may be a bit less strenuous but the experience of summiting Denali at 20,320 feet, will stand forever as a major accomplishment and very fulfilling adventure. 

6/22 Nasuh Mahruki, one of the best in the world, climbs for peace. Check his record.

6/23 A little tension on Ogre with Johnstone, Huber and Hans Kammerlander trying to repeat the Scott/ Bonington climb.

6/23 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II 2001 Expedition: Update

6/23 Jaime Vinals: His report on finishing the 7 Summits

6/23 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: Dave Bangert, with Alpine Ascents final Denali trip of the year 2001.

6/23 Khoo Swee Chiow, a member of the 2001 Ararat Peace climb. Check him out !

6/23 The advice not to visit Nepal has been lifted by the Foreign & Commonwealth office

6/24 Russell Brice, the Final Report, the Rescue, the Summary: The 2001 Himalayan Experience Everest Expedition

6/24 Jaime Vinals: His story of the rescue coming this week.

6/25 Peter Guggemos is fine and still climbing on K2. What you might have read elsewhere is WRONG.

6/25 Hans Johnstone (Ogre) returns


6/25 The EverestNews.com list of K2 Summits to Date.

6/25 Dr. Stefan Gatt the first to snowboard from the Summit of Everest. A must read!

6/25 K2: German (International) K2 Expedition lead by Peter Guggemos Update

6/25 On May 24th 2001, Francois Langlois stood on top of the world. This is his Q&A.

6/26 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II 2001 Expedition: Update Camp 1 established. There are now 7 expeditions at base camp...

6/26 German Saxon G1 And G2 Expedition who intend to descend by ski from both Gasherbrums

6/26 Pakistan 2001 News: Below 6000 meters climbing in Pakistan, the hard ones !

6/26 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III

6/26 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: We have probably 200 feet of visibility right now, no wind, real light snow...

6/26 German Amical Alpine Nanga Parbat 2001 Expedition: Added as a Featured Expedition

6/27 German Amical Alpin Nanga Parbat 2001 Expedition: Update

6/27 Everest May 2001 Read it again!

6/27 Austrian GII and Catalans G I and G II expedition

6/27 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III

6/27 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: Hello all you cyber climbers...

6/27 Please try to support us

6/27 The Jaime Vinals Story (Two Parts)

6/28 Two K2 2001 Updates

6/28 Austria Horizont Reisen Everest 2001 Expedition: Summits !

6/28 Beijing Olympic officials are planning for two climbers, one from Tibet and the other from elsewhere in China, to climb to the top of Mount Everest with the Olympic flame

6/28 Denis Urubko and Kazakhstan expedition headed to G1 and G2

6/28 Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition 2001 Q&A: Submit those questions to everestnews2004@adelphia.net 

6/29 Karsang Tendup, became the first Yak Man to reach the Summit of Everest in 2001.

6/29 Waldemar Niclevicz is moving up on Trango Tower

6/29 Ogre wins again, Hans headed to K2, others give up...

6/29 Climbers Lectures are Back !

6/29 Finnish report: Ed Viesturs has left Nanga Parbat. Veikka is hoping to join the Amical Expedition. More here.

6/29 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali:  Hey this is John Race with Team Gus Smokewood, We decided to take a rest day, and it actually turned that we couldn't go up because the weather's not good, we plan to go for the summit tomorrow.

6/30 NEWSFLASH 6/30/2001 2:56PM US Time: Christian Kuntner, Stefan Andres and Abele Blanc Summit !

6/30 NEWSFLASH 6/30/2001 10:40AM US Time: Nanga Parbat Summits !!!!

6/30 NEWSFLASH: German Amical Alpin expedition (Dujmovits) little snow expected...

6/30 Russian Big Wall Expedition for Latok III Update

6/30 Nanga Parbat Climbers are believed to be up high on the mountain

6/30 Save on your Inmarsat phone and airtime costs !! 

6/30 Tunc Findik Everest 2001 Summiter will be joining the 2001 Ararat Peace Climb

6/30 TOUCHING MY FATHER’S SOUL By Jamling Tenzing Norgay: The complete introduction by Jon Krakauer here for you to read ! and what others say about this book.

6/30 Jagged Globe Gasherbrum II 2001 Expedition: Update, first team to reach Camp 2

6/30 ALPINE ASCENTS INTERNATIONAL on Denali: Some go for it, others wait...

6/30 It is harder than Trango Tower!

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