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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

Wednesday June 26th... Stormy days on K2

Christine and Charlie here!

Last Sunday June 23rd, we climbed to 5900 meters and established our camp 1 on the south face of K2. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated and we descended late in the evening back to base camp.

The weather has been unstable since then. We had our Puja on Monday. Lhama Jangbu performed the ceremony. Lhama Jangbu was a team member on our recent Everest expedition. He is now climbing with a Spanish team on K2.

Last night it snowed a foot. We woke to find our mess tent collapsed from the weight of the snow. The weather seems to be improving.

We are enjoying base camp life though by playing cards, reading and taking short hikes around base camp. Tomorrow we plan to hike to Broad Peak base camp and stash gear at the base of the mountain in anticipation of our acclimatization climb.

Now it is just a waiting game...

Christine and Charlie


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