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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

Dispatch One: June 5 - Kathmandu

Christine and I are heading to Pakistan today.  I'm flying from Kathmandu,  Christine from Seattle.  We will be joining an expedition to the south side led by Henry Todd; climbing under his permit and using his basecamp services. We will be climbing independently about basecamp, however. The route we will climb is yet to be determined.  Many teams are aiming for the SSE Spur, but we are considering alternatives depending on the weather and conditions we find.  We are also on a permit for nearby Broad Peak - we will begin by acclimating there, then hopefully climb K2 fairly quickly. 

After a few days in Islamabad and Rawalpindi buying food and supplies, we hope to fly to Skardu around June 9 (weather permitting). Most likely we will spend a couple of days in Skardu, then drive to the trailhead.  The route up the Baltoro glacier should take us a week or more, so we may get to basecamp around June 20.  Cheers,  Charlie


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