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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

Dispatch #10: Today is our sixth rest day in a row, since we returned from our acclimatization climb on Broad Peak. We've just had four days of snowy, windy and cold weather. Yesterday was the first day the sun came out.

We received some bad news on the 21st, when a Liason Officer from the Tibetan team fell from just below Camp 2 down to the base of mountain. He died instantly. The LO, who had elected to climb with the Tibetans, was a captain in the Pakistani military. All the expeditions came to the assistance to carry the body back to base camp.

Many expeditions have become discouraged with the weather and the latest death, and have decided to abort K2. The Tibetans, both remaining Spanish teams, and Henry Todd's international team are all leaving in the next few days. The only teams left now are the Mexican-Spanish, Japanese, and our small camp: Simone Moro (heading for Broad Peak tomorrow), Charlie and Christine (who are all on Henry's permit).

The Japanese have left base camp today for the summit of K2, and over on Broad Peak a Korean team has started for that summit, as well. We plan to start up K2 tomorrow ourselves. The weather doesn't look too stable with high cirrus clouds forming, but we will go up in any case, and see what happens. We do receive weather forecasts here via email, but the forecasts have proven to be very inaccurate, so it is tricky to judge when we should begin climbing. Ideally we need about five days or so of good weather for a summit attempt, but lately we have only seen short periods of good weather - a day or so at the most. In any case we will now go up and get some climbing done.

Christine & Charlie


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