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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

Dispatch Three: Sunny Days on K2

Hi Everyone!

Christine and Charlie reporting from K2 base camp. Yesterday we climbed a line to the right of the original polish route on the south face of K2. We left a tent, food, fuel and gear at 5700 meters. The snow conditions were fairly good and allowed rapid progress.

Today we are resting at base camp with beautiful sunny skies. Tomorrow we plan to climb to about 5900 meters and bivy. The following day we plan to climb to 6400 meters and bivy again. From here we hope to do a recon of the route above before returning to base camp.

We are having a great time with everyone at base camp. We are acclimating well and feel strong. Looking forward to the climb ahead!

We send our best to the folks at home!

Christine and Charlie


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