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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

July 8, 2002: Now we are back at K2 basecamp after our attempt at Broad Peak was cut short by bad weather. We did manage to spend three nights on the mountain,

however: From basecamp we climbed to Camp 1 at 5800 meters on July 4. The next day we climbed to Camp 2 at 6400 meters. We had hoped to continue to Camp 3 (6900 meters) the following morning, but high winds and blowing snow convinced us to change our plans. We also received a weather report indicating continued unsettled weather through July 11, so we decided to postpone our summit attempt on Broad Peak till then.

We are relaxing at Basecamp, along with other members of the international team, enjoying the great cooking of Karim and his staff. Most climbers are now waiting at basecamp for the next spell of good weather, expected to arrive in four to five days. Some expeditions are now poised to make their summit bids on K2, including the Japanese and Tibetan teams. A large German expedition will go for the top of Broad Peak at the next opportunity, too.

Our plan is to head back to Broad Peak around the 10th or 11th of July, weather permitting. If all goes well we should be able to climb the peak in about four days. After that, we will take a good long rest at basecamp then go for K2.

Christine and Charlie


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