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The Mountain Madness K2 2002 Expedition!

Christine and Charlie here at K2 base camp; still waiting for good weather. We climbed to 6400 meters on Broad Peak on July 9th with hopes for a summit push. Unfortunately we got hit by a storm early morning on July 10th. The weather didn't improve, so we returned to base camp later in the morning.

On July 11th all Broad Peak and K2 expeditions celebrated Aga Khan's...

Birthday. Aga Khan is a highly respected religious leader in the Baltro region. The large feast was prepared by the cooks of all expeditions. Afterward all the expeditions and L.O.s showed off their dancing moves.

Well now it's a waiting game at base camp. The weather forecast isn't too promising! We hope to go back on Broad Peak tomorrow. We heard the German Broad Peak Expedition may start there summit attempt tomorrow, as well. The must leave base camp on July 21st for their journey back to Germany.

Hopefully sunny skies will come soon....

Christine and Charlie


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