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Chinese/Pakistan Chogori (K2) 2002!

Update 6/18/2002: China-Pak Friendship K-2 Expedition

The China-Pak Friendship K-2 Expedition 2002 which reached K-2 Base Camp on 03 June2002 to attempt the 8611 m high Mt Chogori (K-2) is making good progress on their climb to the mountain. The Expedition was successful in establishing their Camp-2 at 6760m on 10 June 2002 on a small ice platform up the steep south east Abruzzi ridge of the mountain, ahead of their schedule, In a message received from the expedition , further climbing by the expedition has been hampered by the bad weather and high winds and the climbers have now retreated to the safety of their Base Camp. Earlier the expedition had established Advance Base Camp at the height of 5300m in the shadows of Abruzzi ridge on 06 June2002 and same they had pushed further and established Camp-1 at the height of 6000metres.

China-Pak Friendship K-2 Expedition plans to shuttle loads towards Camp-2 and establish Camp-3 immediately after the weather clear. All Chinese, Tibetan and Pakistani members are reported to be in good health.


COORDINATOR (ACP) Faisalabad Branch

Update 6/6/2002: The Pak -China K-2 Expedition will climb K-2 from Abruzzi Ridge. Pak -China K-2 Expedition has reached K-2Base Camp on 3 June,2002. Thanks, Shahid Saleem Coordinator ACP Faisalabad


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