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Everest 2002


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K2/Chogori 2002: Simone Moro    
Ciao, while writing, I am "beastly" sleepy since it's about 48 hours I am awake. Last night we tried to summit Broad Peak in a fast an ultralight style. Yesterday morning we left the 5000 m. K2 BC, went to the 4800 Broad Peak BC and from there to 6350 meters at camp 2. Barbara came with me and even if not acclimatized, she didn't suffer from mountain sickness. It has been a good experience for her and she will go higher when more acclimatized.

I stopped for only one hour and a half and at 9 pm we took off for the summit almost 2000 meters higher. Altitude, cold and physical capacities made a selection and only 4 arrived up. I thought we had the summit, but at 7800 meters we found inconsistent snow..... All climbers decided to turn around without any silliness.

Certainly it is hard to smell the top and turn around specially for me who made try climb only 6 days after arriving in BC. It would have been a dream. But I am in good conditions and with an open account for the next 30 days with Broad Peak.

Now my program is to rest for 3 days and then work hard on K2. Some of us think it's ready for the climb.