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Everest 2002


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K2/Chogori 2002: Simone Moro    
Hello to everybody,

Today we are in Paju for a day of rest and acclimatization at 3400m. I am fine and I think I didn't loose any of the acclimatization from Cho-Oyu and Everest. Barbara is fine and walks fast and this is a good sign for the next days.

The weather is not so good but this has a positive side since it keeps away the hot spell of the dry valleys that lead to Baltoro. The mountains are impressive, with so many unnamed walls and peaks, never climbed. In BC and on K2 and Broad Peak the weather has slowed down the schedule for many expeditions, that have been going up and down between C1 and C2. There is a nervous air...

I hope my star, that shined on the Cho Oyu and Everest climbs, will be there for me and for all people on Concordia. For the next days I will be using SMS with my satellite phone Thuraya. Ciao to everybody and pray the meteo....

Simone and Barbara



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