Kilimanjaro 2002!

Jim joins the Alpine Ascents International guiding team with boundless credentials and is one of the most well-known guides and adventurers in America. His list of accomplishments could fill volumes as Jim is a rare breed amongst modern day explorers. From the glaciers of Pakistan to leading climbs of Everest to the ice cap of Antarctica, Jim has explored, guided and climbed new routes for the last 20 years. With a Masters in Geology/Glaciology he epitomizes the naturalist gone wild ( with particular knowledge in Asia, South America and Alaska.) His name appears as a resource in guide books around the globe, Jim is an outstanding individual and mountaineering professional. 

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Jim works with Alpine Ascents in the Himalayas but is best known to us as a mainstay of the the Alpine Ascents International Denali team. Some of his personal highlights include: the first American North-South crossing of The Patagonia Ice Cap, first guided ascent of Yali Peak in Bhutan, guided ascent of Ama Dablam and guide of two Mt. Everest expeditions. Jim is an AMGA Senior Guide, Alpine Ski Guide and well-versed in Avalanche Rescue. In 1997 and 1998 Jim led our Denali expeditions with 100% success!


One of Africa’s leading Kilimanjaro guides, Tobias has “lost count” of the amount of times he has led climbers atop Kilimanjaro. Chief Alpine Ascents Kili guide since ‘94, Tobias organizes groups of 20-40 porters, guides and cooks to assist our climbs. His strong leadership skills and sense of humor have made him one of the most impressive elements of this program. His gentle but determined manner is always an inspiration on summit day.