Makalu 2002: International Expedition led by Piotr Pustelnik

Update 4/23/2002: On the 20th they try to establish Camp II at 7300 meters (Makalu La). We think it is done....

Update 4/19/2002: Makalu 2002 

April 19th 2002: A telephone call from the Italian Diego Fregona, member of Pustelnik's team, updated the situation in Makalu.  The climbers have put a store camp at 6.000 meters, then have climbed up with fix ropes to 6.500 where they pitched camp 1. Tomorrow they will climb up again to Makalu La (7.200 m.) to pitch camp 2; then will descend to BC where they will take a three days' rest. Then, the  plan is to reach and sleep in C2  and make the summit bid directly from there. The Italian, polish and Spanish teams decided to cooperate in the ascent. The weather is pretty unstable and strong winds are blowing. Regarding the Maoists' assault, Fregona confirmed that they remained completely unharmed: Maoists just wanted money and cameras. Anyway bad news are reaching the BC from Kathmandu: a very tense atmosphere is hanging on the city, with night curfew and street fighting. Best regards Manuel 

For Armed Maoists demand money from the Makalu teams! see here


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