Makalu 2002: International Expedition led by Piotr Pustelnik

Update 5/6/2002: "On the 4th of May the team: Piotr Pustelnik, Rysiek Pawlowski, Darek Zaluski and Martin Gablik found Camp II on Makalu La. There's a 2 Polish tents and some tents of Swiss - Italy expedition. Some of the members of this expedition tried to reach Makalu summit directly from Makalu La, Unsuccessfully... They lost the way and had to go back! 

Today, Jay Sieger and Gonzalo Velez got back from Makalu La, where they spent the night.  "There were really cold" - they said.  Tomorrow Anna Czerwinska and Vlado Strba (now they are in camp I) will try to reach camp II. The weather is really bad, it's still snowing and cold. The way to Makalu La is prepared. If the weather gets better then they will prepare the way above Makalu La -the really hard traverse.

Last Update: Mr. Raymond David Caughron has passed away on Makalu

"R.D." Caughron, was one of the member of twelve member International Makalu 2002 Team led by Piotr Pustelnik permitted to climb 8463 meter high Mt. Makalu I from North West Ridge Poland during the spring season of 2002. "R.D." Caughron reported stories to including the Armed Maoists demand money from the Makalu teams! story. A sad day in the mountains... 


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