Makalu 2002: International Expedition led by Piotr Pustelnik

Update 5/14/2002: "On 12th May the first group: Piotr Pustelnik, Ryszard Pawlowski - Poland, Darek Zaluski and  Martin Gablik started to climb to camp I and reached camp 1 the same day. On the 13th of May, in the afternoon they reached camp II. Unfortunately, Slovak Peter Frankovic, who has problems with legs and two Italians, "infection of fauces' [we are not sure], were not in the group.... The first group is planning to leave camp II on 14 May and set camp III at a height of 7900 meters. The attack at the top is planned  on Wednesday, 15th may, if the weather is good. The forecasts say so... 

On 13th May, a second group -  Anna Czerwinska, Vlado Strba, Jay Sieger and Diego Fregona (Italy) -left base camp.... 

The weather is really bad! The last day it did not snow as was May12th, and only that day did snow did not fall... 

Other bad news from Makalu: a helicopter have crashed while trying to rescue a Swiss trekker from Makalu Base camp on Sunday morning... The helicopter crashed at around 4800 meters. The helicopter pilot lived. Another helicopter picked up the Swiss trekker and the pilot later...

Previous bad news from Makalu this year is below

Last Update: Mr. Raymond David Caughron has passed away on Makalu

"R.D." Caughron, was one of the member of twelve member International Makalu 2002 Team led by Piotr Pustelnik permitted to climb 8463 meter high Mt. Makalu I from North West Ridge Poland during the spring season of 2002. "R.D." Caughron reported stories to including the Armed Maoists demand money from the Makalu teams! story. A sad day in the mountains... 


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