EverestNews.com Coverage of Martine Larroque's Everest 2002 Expedition

Martine Larroque
Name Martine Larroque
Domicile : Dubai, UAE
Nationality : French
At an early age Martine practiced rock climbing on Mount Saint Victoire, near her hometown in the South of France. Martine has a great climbing record and has ascended most of the famous peaks in the Alps, such as Mount Blanc, La Meige, La Barre des Ecrins among others. During the 1980'es Martine worked in the Alps participating in daily skiing and climbing adventures. In 1986 she made a trip to Nepal and stayed at the base camp at Mount Everest. It was during this visit Martine made the decision, one day to make it to the top of Mount Everest. 

In June of 1999 she climbed Mount McKinley in Alaska and in September it was Mount Elbrus in Russia. The beginning of the new millennium was spent on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Martine will be starting her journey to Mount Everest on 21st March 2002.

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Martine lives and works in Dubai since 1992.

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