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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002

Dispatch One

Everest Guide Charlie Fowler reporting for Mountain Madness

I've been in Kathmandu the last few days getting ready to head up towards Everest.  We have a big group - 10 trekkers going to basecamp, 4 climbers going through the icefall to camp 2, and 4 climbers trying for the top.  With me is Hector Ponce de Leon of Mexico, climbing leader, and Raliegh Coburn, trekking leader.  All the team members are doing well and psyched to get into the mountains!  Our summit team looks strong: Hector and I believe everyone has a good chance of making the top.  We fly to Lukla tomorrow morning; from there we will spend about 10 days on the trail up to basecamp.

Beside our group, there will be about 14 other expeditions on the south side of Everest. There are about 25 expeditions heading to the north side this spring, as well.

I will sent some updates as I can.  We expect to be making our summit bid in mid-May. 


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