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Mountain Madness Everest Expedition 2002

Reporting from Everest Base Camp - May 8....

Our Everest team has completed their final acclimation climb and is currently resting at base camp. Our team is feeling strong and excited about the summit push in the next few days. At base camp the climbers will rest, eat and prepare for the summit climb.  Part of the preparation is going over our oxygen systems to make sure everyone can operate their oxygen supply during their summit push. Julio Bird celebrated his 52nd birthday at base camp today (May 9th). Julio originally from Puerto Rico and will be the first Puertrican to summit Everest if successful.

Everyone’s previous experience is going a long way towards making his performance on the mountain successful. Our summit team will consists of Hector Ponce de Leon, Charlie Fowler, Julio Bird, Matthew Holt, Andy Colyer, and four Mountain Madness Climbing Sherpas, Lakpa Gelu, Lama Jangbu, Nima Gombu and Lakpa. If the conditions on the mountain cooperate and the climbers remain healthy, the entire team will begin the summit push on May 11th or 12th. Summit day is expected to be approximately May 15th or 16th. We wish our team a safe and successful summit climb!

More details soon!

Chris Boskoff
Mountain Madness, Inc.


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