Update 3/25/2002: You might have noticed in the last week some headline stories where 7 French mountain climbers went "missing" while attempting Mount Alaca in the Ala range of mountains. They were found safe after being found by a combination of army and non-governmental forces. Yes Tunc, and his friends with AKUT were there to help out again, all in a day's work... For more on Tunc see below...

Tunc Findik joined Gary Guller's Everest Expedition 2001 "Anything is Possible" Expedition. Joining such Everest Summiters as Mike Trueman and Kipa Sherpa this expedition was a strong and very experienced expedition on Nepal side of the mountain in Spring 2001. Tunc Findik is a highly experienced ice, rock and mixed climber. He has opened more than 60 new routes in the Turkish ranges, these being first overall ascents, first winter ascents and first Turkish ascents. Tunc reached the Summit of Everest in Spring of 2001 as a member of Gary Guller's Everest Expedition 2001 "Anything is Possible" Expedition. He joined us for the 2001 Ararat Peace climb. The climbers, all who have reached the Summit of Everest, climbed the North Side of Ararat which in modern history (the last 1000 years !) has not been open to foreign climbers except on very rare cases.

Tunk has successful summits of Khon Tengri (7,010m) in Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan; Peak Lenin (7,134m) in the Pamirs, Kyrgyzstan; Elbrus (5,642m, twice) and Kazbedk (5,047m) in the Russian Caucasus Mountains; a winter ascent of Damavand Peak (5,671m) in Iran; a winter ascent of Mr. Ararat (5,137m) in Turkey; Mont Blanc and Ecrins Massifs in the European Alps; and various climbs in Scotland and Bulgaria. Tunc became the first Turkish climber to summit Everest from the Nepali side.

Married and living in Ankara, Turkey, Tunc is the operations leader of the Ankara Branch of the AKUT (Turkish Search and Rescue Society). He works as a sports instructor at the university in Ankara and writes guide books to the Turkish mountains.

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Arun Everest Expedition 2001

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Tunc Findik at Summit of Everest May 23, 2001