A few notes on Everest 2002: We still have more teams to add!! Mostly small teams, the total numbers of climbers are still down from 2001. You will note some teams will disappear, those are the ones who have cancelled. You will notice some seem to disappear, those are the ones who have big sponsors (i.e. IMG)  or for others reasons will change the name of their expedition.

For those of who are new to expeditions and how they work. Climbers regularly share permits, therefore you might see 10 climbers on one permit but the 10 climbers might be 3 teams or expeditions. Just because you are on someone's permit does NOT mean you are on their expedition. For example, Sean is on Pete Athans' NGS permit, but he is not on that expedition! Of course if he summits he will be reported as summiting on Pete's expedition from Nepal because he is on Pete's permit. For example Mike Trueman was shown by some to have several people summit on his expedition in 2002, but most climbers were not on this expedition, just on the permit. Those that report that all of these climbers summited with Mike, just don't know what is really happening.

We plan on sorting via "Real Expeditions". We will try to show you what is really happening... Of course in some case we might not know all the details...

Got that?

It is a little complex because climbers share permits...

Just follow along and you will figure it out. All you want to anyway :)

On Jagged Globe, we have received some questions asking where is their Everest expedition. We talk with Steve Bell all the time, they do NOT have an Everest expedition for this year. As usual there is a lot of bad information out there. We could spend all day every day addressing the false reports, but we won't.

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