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 Nov. 1-10th,1999 Daily Reports

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Daily News: 11/10/99 Report

  • Q&A Questions for Appa Sherpa. The great climber who has reached the Summit of Everest 10 times. Submit to everestnews2004@adelphia.net

  • EverestNews.com interviewed Appa Sherpa. Part 1:

Q.) After 10 summits of Everest, how many more times do you want to Summit Everest ?

A.) 4 more times.

Q.) Compare Summiting the North Side of Everest with the South Side.

A.) South Side much more technical. North side much longer climb from high camp. They are different.

Q.) Who do you think were the best non-Sherpa climbers you have climbed with?

A.) Rob Hall..... Pete Athens, Anatoli, Todd Burleson.

Q.) How would you compare these climbers to the best Sherpa climbers?

A.) Sherpa are stronger. Well they always go farther. Sherpa take the ropes, fix the ropes

Q.) Appa is this a job for you or an adventure?

A.) My job.

Q.) Do you get any adventure from it?

A.) Only Work.

Q.) Do you have children?  How old are they...

A.) 4, ages 14, 10, 8, 5. Two boys , two daughters.

Q.) Would you want them to be Everest climbers.

A.) No. I want them to get an education.

Q.) When you say NO, why?

A.) Because of the danger.

Q.) If you do not fix the ropes in Spring of 1998 on Everest South Side, does anyone summit the South side that year?

A.) NO.

If I don't fix the ropes they all turn around like the around 60 climbers before that attempted that year....had to turn around.

Appa Sherpa ten time Everest Summiter !

More to come from this great climber. One who has shown the world that he is one of the best ever.


Daily News: 11/9/99 Report

  • The story of Fran and Sergi will began again soon here. Several have requested where EverestNews.com is going, below is an outline, on our latest plan on how to explain what is believed to have happened. Please give us your feedback, but understand we cannot answer all the e-mail. everestnews2004@adelphia.net


  • Their Summit Day, May 1998.

  • The initial reports/Something is wrong ??? What ? You reached the Summit when ??? Prove it !!!

  • What the Americans were told happened by whom.

  • The story the Sherpas confirmed happened (which EverestNews.com first learned several months later than the events.).

  • What is believed to have happened based on the evidence, the day after her summit, then the following day...

  • Rescues ? What was heard on the radios.

  • Sergi... and his plan ?? and what might had he been doing...

  • Optional: The Questions... there are many.

  • Optional: Why EverestNews.com waited... ??? (the above should give You some ideas....) 


  • EverestNews.com is also looking for climbers from Turkey. If you are from Turkey or have contacts we could use please let us know... everestnews2004@adelphia.net

Daily News: 11/8/99 Report

  • Autumn 8000 Meter Expeditions Autumn 99 Part 1

Below is the best information we currently have on the following mountains:

Lhotse, One Expedition (Korean), no Summits

Annapurna , No Summits

Kangchenjunga, 2 deaths, No Summits

Everest, No Deaths, No Summits

K2, One death, No Summits

Manaslu, 4 expeditions, No Summits

To Be continued...

  • EverestNews.com is also looking for climbers from Turkey. If you are from Turkey or have contacts we could use please let us know... everestnews2004@adelphia.net

NEWSFLASH 9:33 AM 11/6/99 US

  • Everest S.O.S. Continued from below

Thank you very much for your e mail. Through the hard work and your cooperation, now the rescue work finished successfully. All the members arrive the Karda before yesterday. The first group left China two days ago. The second group left yesterday. Some members are in Karda. They rest today and will leave China tomorrow. Please let me know your and Linda's background. Then in the future we can get in touch with each other. Today our last group with the equipment will arrive in Karda two hours later. All the team members are well. The sick person can walk. He left Karda yesterday. Best regards Ying Daoshui CMA

Daily News: 11/6/99 Report

  • Everest S.O.S. Continued from below NEWSFLASHES 

EverestNews.com has not received additional information since the last post from the CMA.

Hopefully, additional News will be received in the next 24 hours...

  • Goran Kropp Answers Q&A Part 3:

Questions from the readers as usual...

Q.) Question for Goran: You mentioned visiting a school that you started in 1997 as one of the reasons you went back to Everest.  Can you tell us more about that  school? Best Regards. Lisa

A.) The school is in Tapting, called Wongchu Biswra school, soon it will be changed to include my name also. It has space for 96 pupils, now  we are also building a hospital there. You can see picture on my homepage  under "gamla nyheter" 

Q.) Dear Goran: Have just finished reading your book on your amazing '96 Adventure.  I am not a climber but am thoroughly fascinated by your courage and drive.  My question is in regards to all the bodies on Everest.   Do you feel that besides efforts to clean up the mountain of all the trash, some kind of international effort should be  made to give all these poor souls who have died on the mountain a burial of some sort.  It must be disconcerting at the very least to have to step over a former comrade on the way up or down the mountain. I am amazed that all the Sherpas are still willing to climb up and down to the high camps with all the dead they must pass along the way., Sincerely Annalisa Shield from Virginia

A.) No it will put the rescue climbers in great danger, its not so easy as it may seem to carry somebody down from Everest. What I have heard a strong groups of Sherpas, carried down a victim from south
summit and almost all got severe frostbite and its not worth that.

Q.) On Everest, are any of the climbers as strong as Babu ?

A.) Reinhold Messner is the strongest ever.

Q.) Would you rate Babu night on the summit as the highest achievement in history? Just think if a western climber would have done it.

A.) What I have heard when I was down on Everest he had help from other Sherpas carrying up gear (Oxygen, Tent, sleeping bag etc) And then I admire R. Messner's ascent more (78/81)

Q.) What do you think about the Mallory photos been sold that shows Mallory as a rotten body?

A.) I don't know, but it feels a little bit like archeology, making up the Everest history and that's OK.

Q.) Do you think Mallory was respected in death ?

A.) Yes, I was at NOVA press conference in Kathmandu and I thought that they had a great respect in that moment they found him and onwards.

Best wishes Goran

If you have more Questions for Goran. He will be in the US/Canada awhile longer, so we might be able to get more answers for you...submit to goran@everestnews.com

To the person who sent in the question on ordering the video, please e-mail us again...


NEWSFLASH 7:38AM 11/5/99 US

Daily News: 11/5/99 Report

  • Everest S.O.S. Continued from below NEWSFLASHES 

EverestNews.com has not received additional information since the last post from the CMA.

Hopefully, additional News will be received in the next 24 hours...

Not a Summit, but a great effort...

Daily News: 11/4/99 Report

  • Goran Kropp Answers Q&A Part 2:

Questions from the readers as usual...

Q.) Is Goran planning on reaching the three poles? (i.e. Everest, South Pole, North Pole)?

A.) Yes, I will go for the North pole in February 2000 and south pole in 2003.

Q.) What was it like to summit Everest with his girlfriend Renata?

A.) Perfect - nice day god weather etc

Q.) Why did Goran want to summit Everest a second time, after such a fantastic achievement in 1996?

A.) 1.) To do a cleanup on Everest.

     2.Put Renata on top.
     3.Visit my school which I started back in 97

Q.) Will the video documentary of his great Everest 1996 climb be issued in America?

A.) You can buy it on my homepage www.kroppaventyr.se

Q.) What does Goran think of commercial guided expeditions on Everest?

A.) I think that they have to pick there clients more careful, then its OK

Q.) Have you yourself put up a limit on how many times you will pass above 8000 meters without bottled oxygen?

A.) No, but I thinks its enough now, maybe one time more, we'll see... I'm thinking about the possible risks with braincapasity

Q.) Do you think the American climbs of these 8000 meter peaks are boring ? With the exception of Alex Lowe this summer (which was not a 8000 meter peak), most of these summits by Americans are just the plain old routes in Spring conditions. Only the east Europeans and a few only seem to go for it . Do you agree ?

A.) No I think the well known Americans are very strong and skilled Breashears, Lowe, Viesturs etc. You have done new routes on many 8000 meters peaks. On big walls I think Americans is NO 1.


Daily News: 11/3/99 Report


On Saturday October 30th two climbers from the Adventure Consultants Ama Dablam 1999 Expedition reached the summit of the 6828m peak in Nepal. The soaring peak, known as the 'jewel of the Khumbu' is the backdrop to the famous Thyangboche Monastery in the Khumbu Valley.

Mark Morrison (23) of Wanaka, New Zealand reached the summit via the south west ridge with the expedition's head Sherpa guide Ang Dorje Sherpa (35) from Nepal. Expedition leader David Hiddleston (30) of Wanaka, New Zealand, turned back on the summit day at 6250m to accompany Christine Jacques (25) of Christchurch, New Zealand, down to lower altitudes. She was suffering from a bout of altitude sickness and improved after descending. Their summit day climb started at 4.30am from Camp II at 6000m on what David described as 'a beautiful moonlit morning'. The top was reached at 10.00am by Mark and Ang Dorje in clear conditions with a light wind. All the group retreated back to Camp II after the climb and arrived back down at Base Camp (4600m) yesterday.

Lee Heah (44) of Auckland, New Zealand did not make the summit climb as she had left the expedition earlier in the month. The team had encountered really deep snow upon first arriving at Base Camp on October 18th, but conditions had steadily improved and allowed a few other groups to reach the summit before the Adventure Consultants attempt.

All the expedition team members are now trekking back to Lukla, from where they will fly to Kathmandu and then the Kiwis will head home to New Zealand by November 11th.

Adventure Consultants Ltd - High Altitude Expeditions

Daily News: 11/2/99 Report

  • Ten-time Everest Summiter announces his retirement, more information...

    Ang Rita Sherpa, a veteran mountaineer also known as " The Snow Leopard" has now decided to retire from climbing mountains. After the treatment of "chest infection" at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu he said " Since all my relatives and the government officials has suggested me not to climb anymore and also I am sick and tired - getting old, I have decided to retire from climbing."    

    He had been in bed for two and half months and during that time he couldn't eat his meals due to lack of appetite. Earlier he was being treated at the Khunde Hospital at his village town hospital, but as his condition didn't improve he was choppered out to Kathmandu and admitted to Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital on 10th of Oct. He also had suspected cirrhosis symptoms. He was discharged from the hospital on 24th of October. 

    Ang Rita, 55, had summited Mt. Everest 10 times without oxygen, the last one via North Ridge in Tibet in 1997 and the title "Snow Leopard " was  honored to him for this unrivaled achievement. 

    Reported by Himalaya Center, Nepal

NEWSFLASH 7:23AM 11/1/99 US

  • Everest S.O.S. (Continued from below)


"Ying Daoshui  

Thank for E-mail me 

Today when 11 members start  to Karta (8:30AM) after 3 hours 12:00 PM our team meet Mr. Bingcho (TMA Climber) with 30 porters from Karta they took 9days from Karta.

Our team tomorrow (11/1/99) will going down to Karta

thank you"   

Oct 31,1999

Everest Expedition team leader  Heo Youngho


Daily News: 11/1/99 Report

  • Ginette Harrison's pictures that she sent EverestNews.com before her expedition to Dhaulagiri.

    Pictures from her successful Spring Expedition to Makalu (8463m), where Ginette became the first British female to Summit Makalu. The pictures are Ginette at Camp 2; Ginette and Hamish climbing the final summit ridge; Gary on the fixed rope en route to Camp3. All are from the Harrison/Pfisterer collection.

    Ginette lived in America with her husband Gary Pfisterer.





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