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 October 2001 News, Expedition Coverage and Notes

October Headlines Archive Note Oct 1-31 order

10/1 The Second Hungarian expedition on Everest this Autumn 

10/1 Guest Column: The ‘Mystery’ of Noel’s Account by Roxanne Espantman

10/1 Pakistan 2001 News

10/1 Mountain Author and Historian Wins 2001 Bill March Summit of Excellence Award

10/2 Dispatch #13 IMG Team: Yahoo!

10/2 Everest Kangshung Face: Because this is my lucky number I try to trace for You, dear website visitor, what and where the others are doing...

10/2 Dispatch Ten: 10/1/01  8:00am, Cho-Oyu Advanced Base Camp, Tibet: We are packing up, getting ready to start our summit attempt...

10/2 Chris Warner: View from Shishapangma Main Summit

10/2 Autumn Everest 2001: The American-Canadian Expedition Two New Dispatches:

Dispatch 18:  Preparing for the Summit

Dispatch 19: We Have to Believe

10/3 Women Summit Shishapangma

10/3 Shishapangma: Solo on the South Face, the trip report

10/3 Everest Kangshung Face: Andrαs, with morning swing, takes panoramic photos from the ridge above BC.

10/3 All September Headlines are here !!! Did you miss it ?

10/3 Dispatch Eleven: 10/2/01 8:30am, Cho-Oyu Advanced Base Camp, Tibet: This is Ruth continuing the report from Advanced Base Camp. Flying overhead are large black birds called Goraks

10/3 Dhaulagiri Summit attempts right now!

10/4 Adventure Consultants Cho Oyu Expedition 2001: Summit Attempt on Cho Oyu

10/4 Alpine Ascents International Cho-Oyu Cybercast: it's been a difficult year overall ...

10/4 Dhaulagiri Retreat !

10/4 Gary Guller Q&A Part Two

10/5 Alpine Ascents International Cho-Oyu Cybercast: I talked to Todd this morning, they had a very ferocious wind blowing.

10/5 Ballooning over Everest: Graham Hoyland reports in...

10/5 Autumn Everest 2001: The American-Canadian Expedition: Dispatch 20: Weather Woes

10/5 Everest Kangshung Face: We don't let poor Konyi climb at all. We have found something to solder here, in ABC, too... 

10/5 Adventure Consultants Cho Oyu Expedition 2001: Continuing to Snow at Base Camp

10/5 Alpine Ascents International Cho-Oyu Cybercast: This morning the weather is much improved...

10/6 Swee Chiow Summits the Main Real Summit of Shishapangma: Read his report...

10/6 NEWSFLASH: Due to continued horrendous weather

10/6 More updates later this weekend...

10/6 Tom Holzel's reply to the Guest Column: The ‘Mystery’ of Noel’s Account by Roxanne Espantman on the discrepancies between the official account of the Mallory & Irvine’s disappearance on Mt. Everest.

10/6 The Complete Andy Politz (member of the 2001 Mallory and Irvine Expedition) Q&A  Did you miss it ?

10/8 NEWSFLASH: Autumn Everest: American-Canadian Expedition Dispatch: Chomolungma Has Turned Us Away

10/8 Dhaulagiri Summits !

10/8 Singaporean Shishapangma 2002

10/8 Finalists Announced for 2001 Banff Mountain Book Festival

10/9 Annapurna IV Summitted

10/9 Everest Speakers

10/9 Broad Peak 2001 - The Uncertainty Continues:  

10/9 Alpine Ascents International Cho-Oyu Cybercast Dispatch 16: A big storm came in and pinned us down and snowed for two days straight

10/10 Shishapangma Autumn 2001 Continues...

10/10 Krzysztof Wielicki Profile Updated

10/10 Autumn Everest 2001: The American-Canadian Expedition: As of October 7th any further efforts to reach the summit of Everest....

10/10 Horrendous weather in the mountains of Nepal/China....

10/10 Classified Ads continue to be updated: Check them out !

10/11 The Women Summit News

10/11 More Cho Oyu Summit News

10/11 Oldest woman to Summit Everest adds Cho Oyu

10/11 Mr. Um and the Koreans Summited Shishapangma

10/12 The Future of EverestNews.com: The Plan for 2002

10/12 Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest - Lhotse Expedition: At the margin between darkness and twilight, around five o'clock in the morning, I'm sipping my tea alone...

10/12 and a second update from them: The crew of 'spaltni' camp: Konyi and Miki rush up to the end of the fixed line...

10/12 Winter K2 2001/2002 

10/13 Please welcome Moguls Ski Travel as EverestNews.com's newest sponsor: Ready to go to Aspen or Telluride? (we are !!!), see the specials they have listed for YOU and give them a call or request a quote.

10/13 Shishapangma True (Main) Summit: The Picture

10/13 Ever wonder why few ever climb from the Central Summit to the Main Summit of Shishapangma, here is why...

10/13 Everest Kangshung Face: Three new updates

10/13 Ed Hommer's new book

10/15 Death and trouble on Manaslu

10/15 Autumn Everest 2001: prepare for a night climbing marathon

10/15 Everest Lectures

10/15 We have lost another great one...

10/15 Did you miss the Matt Dickinson Q&A?

10/16 NEWSFLASH: Rescued from about 6500 meters on Manaslu !!

10/16 SAYRE EXPEDITION CELEBRATES 40th REUNION (1962 Sayre expedition to the North Face of Everest)

10/16 Dhaulagiri Summited again

10/16 Everest Kangshung Face: It starts last night...

10/16 Above the Clouds : The Diaries of a High-Altitude Mountaineer by Anatoli Boukreev

10/17 The Dhaulagiri Summits

10/17 The Manaslu summits...

10/17 The Future of EverestNews.com: The Plan for 2002

10/17 Autumn Everest 2001: Hungarian Everest 6 great pictures!

10/17 Ed Hommer's new book

10/17 Prostate Cancer Climb Update

10/18 The other Expedition on Everest..they are going for it !

10/18 Abele Blanc now has one to go...

10/18 Shishapangma 2001: Dones al Shisha

10/18 More great pictures from the Hungarian Everest Expedition

10/18 Photo gallery of the expedition "Lhotse Middle 2001"

10/19 NEWSFLASH Avalanche on Pumori 7151 meters: Several reported dead

10/19 Who are EverestNews.com Readers?

10/19 Gasherbrum IV

10/19 Kilimanjaro

10/19 Ed Douglas

10/20 Everest Kangshung Face: We don't know if we can believe it: if the fine sunny weather will last or not 

10/20 Two new Updates on the Avalanche on Pumori 

10/20 Everest Kangshung Face: Today the weather started reassuringly

10/20 Autumn Makalu 2001 Expedition News

10/20 Talking Makalu, did you miss our exclusive English reports of Krzysztof Wielicki Winter Makalu 2000/2001 thanks to our Polish friends

10/20 Everest Kangshung Face: The radio channels are hissing (2 new updates)

10/22 SkiEverest.com is on the air with the NORTH FACE Beyond Endurance Expedition

10/22 Caught in Pakistan on 9/11/01, in their own words...

10/22 Three more Main Summits of Shishapangma South Face claimed: no sherpas, no camps, no oxygen!

10/22 Khoo Swee Chiow continues his Quest


10/23 Lectures/Shows

10/23 Ama Dablam Summits-Autumn 2001

10/23 He Summited K2 before Messner, before Wickwire, do you know him ? Your chance to ask him questions is here!

10/23 The 2001 Himalayan Experience Shishapangma Expedition

10/24 NEWSFLASH Death on Everest again


10/24 Touch the Top of the World : A Blind Man's Journey to Climb Farther Than the Eye Can See -- by Erik Weihenmayer

10/24 Everest Kangshung Face: With the arrival of the warmth of the sun, the process gets started on the wall. The avalanches continue with their customary enthusiasm...

10/24 Silvio Mondinelli: Four 8000 meter peaks Summits in 2001

10/24 Lectures/Shows Chris Warner

10/24 Record Number of Films Entered in 2001 Banff Mountain Film Festival

10/25 Makalu Autumn 2001: Still trying to Summit

10/25 NEWSFLASH Three more feared dead, climbing on Dhaulagiri

10/25 Everest Kangshung Face: Misty morning... the ice ledge squeaks under me

10/25 Great Ski Travel deals Free Air, free Ski, time to get away?

10/26 Some climbers are rethinking/canceling K2 Expeditions for 2002

10/26 NORTH FACE BEYOND ENDURANCE EXPEDITION This is Hilaree Nelson...we passed our first iceberg today... and then Dispatch 6 Land ! Grytvicken, South Georgia

10/26 Everest Speakers, much safer than climbing one of these mountains!

10/26 Submit your Q&A Questions to Ashraf Aman!

10/27 Aconcagua Expedition and News Index

10/27 NORTH FACE BEYOND ENDURANCE EXPEDITION: The team split the day up between exploring, organizing and filming wildlife in and around the whaling station.

10/27 Search efforts to find missing climbers

10/27 Pumori Update

10/27 Ed Hommer's new book

10/29 NORTH FACE BEYOND ENDURANCE EXPEDITION: 70 knot winds and tens of thousands of elephant seals and penguins... 

10/29 Dhaulagiri 2001: Search efforts to find ....

10/29 Denali Expedition and News Index

10/29 Everest Kangshung Face: More Pictures

10/29 Doctor on Everest: Emergency Medicine at the Top of the World

10/30 Everest Kangshung Face: We're not hurrying anywhere...

10/30 NORTH FACE BEYOND ENDURANCE EXPEDITION: The team will be setting up a base camp tomorrow at Nordenskjold Glacier

10/30 The last 8000 meter Summit for Russell Brice

10/30 Vinson Expedition and News Index

10/30 Everest Kangshung Face: In our base camp enthusiastic work proceeds.



10/31 Everest Kangshung Face: More Pictures

10/31 Everest Kangshung Face: Three New Updates

10/31 Api (7132 meters)- Autumn 2001

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