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American Sean Swarner takes on Everest: A Cancer's Survivors Journey to the World's highest Summit

Sean Swarner's Summit is CONFIRMED !!! He has done it !!!!

Sean is back in base camp about 6:30 Everest time (5/17/2002). A BIG hug for his brother and more than a few tears. So, Sean is safely back to base camp.  Seth will probably update you when he gets the power.  Thank you for everything and this fabulous website. Scott (Sean's dad)

Update Two: I just got off the phone with Sean. He sounded fantastic. He left camp 4 about 11pm, one of the last groups to leave.  He said he put on his mp3 player and he and the Sherpas cooked.  They passed most of the other expeditions and arrived at 9:38 am.  I did not ask how long he stayed there, but he said he went back to camp 4 and slept.  He got up hiked down to base camp in about 8 hours!  He said he and his Sherpas cooked again, they and flew down the mountain.  He felt great, still does.  It will take about three days to hike out, they will leave tomorrow.  Seth will update you directly when he gets power. thanks again. Scott (Sean's dad)

Sean asked us to share the below with you, if he was successful or ...not: [This will take awhile to load, but worth the time...]

"it's the truth from where I'm standing... every day!!" Sean


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