American Sean Swarner takes on Everest: "Can it be True Expedition?"
sean2.jpg (24815 bytes) When you first speak with Sean, you keep asking yourself is this guy for real ? 

Let look at who Sean is? Sean is 27 year old, born September 2nd, 1974 in Ohio. Sean moved to Colorado from Jacksonville, Florida about 8 months ago to being training. 

In his own words: "The letter that sparked it all!"

My name is Sean Swarner and I was once given 2 weeks to live. The chances of me surviving were worse than winning the lottery four times over with the same exact numbers. Not only am I the only person in the world to have ever had these two certain types of cancer, I'm also the longest living survivor of one of them. I truly consider myself to be one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth. I have knocked on death's door twice, only to look him straight in the eye and scoff.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed in the 4th stage of Hodgkin's Disease, one small step from death. I was expected to live for about 3 months. A year and a half after chemotherapy, I was put into remission only to be stricken the second time with a very aggressive, deadly tumor attacking only 3 out of a million people. An Askin's disease tumor was attached to my lung and had grown to the size of a golf ball in less than 4 months. After removing it, I was expected to live about 2 weeks. Approximately a year and a half of being semi-conscious lying in a hospital bed and after more chemotherapy and even radiation therapy, I won my league track meet in the 800-meter dash. I also continued to pole vault, swim, run, play soccer and everything else you can imagine. I believe I am truly a living, walking, breathing miracle.

All-be-it, this letter is not about my history, nor is it a cry for pity, it is more of a dream I have had since I was diagnosed with the first cancer. When I was lying in the hospital bed playing my Nintendo and bugging the nurses, I always dreamed of helping others who were in my situation by becoming an incredible inspiration.  My spectacular goal is to be the first cancer survivor/patient to climb to the top of our earth.  If I could touch the hearts of patients and spark their will to live, imagine what that could do to the cancer community around the world.

I have the dream of climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, keeping a log-book, and writing a book dedicated to the cancer patients of the world.  Getting people involved for such an incredible idea would be an unbelievable asset to anyone in the hospital.  If I could have the chance to give people the glimpse of hope they deserve by demonstrating my desire, drive and personality, I can give them the hope that they too will survive, just as I did.

I'm speaking from my heart when I ask you if you can help. I'm looking for any suggestions to start my dream. Eventually I will be standing on the top of the world grinning from ear to ear knowing my dream has been accomplished. By doing that, people will notice someone who has been in their situation before and not give up hope, for hope is something that cannot be given a dollar amount. By helping to instill hope, dreams, desire, and drive in those who are sick, I truly believe I can put my talents to use for others. In this day and age, it is hard to find people who truly believe in helping others. One of the purposes of this letter is to ask for some type support. Be it financial, emotional, religious, or simply a note of good luck, your help will be more than appreciated.  By sustaining this idea, you are demonstrating something people have drifted away from for such a long time.

Please consider what supporting this cause could mean to the entire cancer community as a whole. As I have stated, it is my dream to get a glimpse of Heaven and to help instill hope in those lying in hospital beds. The same beds I laid in while expected to die. The same beds I laid in when I was receiving a bone marrow and recovering from the removal of my tumor with cracked ribs, drainage tube, and Hickman Catheter. The same beds I laid in when I was trying to learn how to breathe again while being pumped full of an experimental chemotherapy treatment. The same beds I laid in where I never gave up hope and realized I was not going to give up and die. The exact same beds where countless cancer patients lay right now who need someone to be their inspiration to not give up hope and not lay down and die.

If you decide to help me obtain my goal and to help those with cancer, I can assure you that you will be helping in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. By helping to support me, you will be giving the patients in hospital beds some glimmer of hope and some dream of their future.

I understand I have very high aspirations, and my goal seems a bit incredible, but I tell you now, I will reach them and I will NOT give up.  I also know this idea will have an impact greater than you or I could ever imagine.  Please look within yourself to see if you have the compassion to help in any possible way!!

With dreams of the future,  Sean Swarner 

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