SHISHAPANGMA 2002 by the Airborne Ranger Club of Finland

Mr. Tomi Myllys, leader
Mr. Reima Holopainen, member
MD Heikki Karinen, member & doctor
Mr. Arri Leino, member
Mr. Jarno Leppala, member
Mr. Jouni Rajala, member

This is the first official expedition to a 8000 m peak by the Airborne Ranger Club of Finland. Some members of the club have taken part to previous commercial expeditions as private persons but none has reached the summit of an eight-thousender. Some years ago it was decided that the first 8000 meter peak will be Broad Peak. However, due to circumstances in international relations the target was changed to Tibet. The expedition uses no guides, porters or supplementary oxygen. The expedition has started from Helsinki 13. April and hope to be back 26. May, 2002.

Update 5/28/2002: After returning back to Finland, one member of Finnish Shishapangma
expedition states: "We climbed to Central summit (8012 m)." Jukka

Update 13 May: Two members, Arri Leino and Jouni Rajala, reached the 8048m summit [We will need to confirm which Summit, Main or Central] at 1 PM and descended to C2. The other climbers ascended to C3. Good weather during the past few days.

15 May: Bad weather returned. Climbers Tomi Myllys and Reima Holopainen reached 7500 m, Jarno Leppala reached 7400 m and Heikki Karinen 6300 m. The expedition is retreating from the mountain.