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With this I am sending information on two Latvians, who have completed the Seven Summits by climbing Mt. Vinson on January 10, 2002 (two Latvians). Imants Zauls and Teodors Kirsis finished Seven Summits program simultaneously.

As far as we know, this may be the first time Seven Summits program has been completed by a team. It looks like so far all it has been done by individuals only. I would like to mention also, that  all  summits were reached by those two as a members of Latvian national teams, lead by Teodors  (incl. Everest, Denali and Vinson). During this last climb two “records”  were set. When Teodors  (born 11/25/42) summited, he became the oldest man to do the "Seven Summits with Kosciusko" at 59 years and 47 days. When Imants (born 9/20/42) joined Teodors on the summit, he took the title away from Teodors. We also made a complete traverse of the mountain going up Alternate Route and  descending  by  Normal Route. Following is the information about dates, routes and other climbers on the teams, with whom we both climbed with on the different climbs. With (*)  are marked other team members, who made it to the top: 

 1) ELBRUS  Route: Normal 

        a) Summit day:  May 08, 1980 

            Other team members: Imants Janekalns*,  Latvia; Ilmars Sprogis*, Latvia; Ilmars Bernans*, Latvia

b) Summit day:  July 20,1997

  Other team members: Juris  Ulmanis, Latvia

c) Summit day : July 28,1998

    Other team members: Juris  Ulmanis*, Latvia; Ilmars Bernans*, Latvia; Janis Busenbergs*, Latvia

2)  ACONCAGUA     Route:   Normal 

       a)  Summit day:  January 20,1995 

            Other team members :  Ilgvars  Pauls*, Latvia

b)  Summit day:  January 25,1999

    Other team members: Juris  Ulmanis*, Latvia; Ilmars  Bernans*, Latvia

 3)  EVEREST     Route: North Col, North East ridge  Summit day:  May 14,1995

Other team members: Janis Busenbergs, Latvia; Ilmars Bernans, Latvia; Vilnis Buss, Latvia; Ilgvars Gradovskis, Latvia; Ilgvars Pauls, Latvia; Two high altitude porters: Purba Sherpa, Nepal; Tilen Sherpa, Nepal

4)  DENALI   Route:  West Buttress   Summit day:  May 25, 1996 

     Other team members:  Juris Ulmanis*, Latvia

5) KILIMANJARO     Route: “Whiskey Route”   Summit day: February 4, 1997

Other team members: Evija  Kirse*, Latvia; Aivars Prosenkovs*, Latvia; Juris  Ulmanis*, Latvia and mandatory guides and porters

6)  KOSCIUSKO  Route: South side from Thredbo  Summit day: March 03, 1998 

     Other team members: Juris Ulmanis*, Latvia; Aivars  Prosenkovs*, Latvia

7)  VINSON Route: Alternate Route up, Normal Route down  Summit day:  January 10, 2002

Other team members: Juris Ulmanis*, Latvia

With best regards, Teodors Kirsis Latvia.

Pictures of Teodors and then Imants below; for the Updated Seven Summits list see here.