Hello EverestNew.com, Things here are still the same, more varied weather.  However, things to be slowly improving.  In the meantime all we do is wait.  Although on the 11 of July, we had a good change of scenery.  On this date the Ishmael Muslims mostly from the northern regions of Pakistan, celebrate the coronation of the Aga Khan.  The majority of the high altitude porters come from Hunza and take this day very specially.  

So along with the Germans we went to K2 base camp for this celebration, for us it was very interesting. Virtually everyone here in this area have come. The celebration began more like a cocktail party, but no cocktails here. Then Kudrat one of our high altitude porters got the honor of saying the prayers. Then all the climbers had to dance for the locals. The climbers from Broad Peak got to go first, I can't say we know how to dance Balti but it was great fun. Many of the cooks served as the band, they use the empty fuel canisters and barrels as drums. It was very good for us to meet with many very experienced climbers and share many experiences. We met people we have seen in previous expeditions to the Himalayas and it was great to see them again.

Right now the weather reports say the wind at high altitude is coming down and the humidity levels as well.  It was decided that tomorrow there would be a push for the summit if this break comes along. We have been able to secure a tent from the other independent expedition. Due to illness Jurgen Straub and Thomas Luhti, have decided to retire from their attempt, and very generously have permitted us to use the tent they have established in camp1. They too lost their tent in camp2. We'll see what happens, Fernando and Tunc leave for camp1 tomorrow morning and on the 16th up to camp2 to recover the equipment if possible and then we'll have to wait and see what happens then.



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