Dispatch Four: Broad Peak Base Camp

We have been in base camp for 6 days now, and we have yet to touch the mountain.  The weather hare has been very variable, the first two days sunny with a lot of wind the following days have been quite bad a lot of snow and a lot of sun with very little possibility of doing anything on the mountain. 
Yesterday Fernando and Tunc were going to try to establish camp one overnight it snowed about 10 inches, making it impossible to for them to leave.  I'm sorry to inform but our peace climb has not been very peaceful,  about midday the sun came out and an all out snowball fight had begun, everyone against everyone, it seems we all became young kids for a while.   The truth is the snowball fight has brought everyone together and people are losing their inhibitions and becoming evermore friendly with each other.  I guess the adverse conditions here make people begin to stick together.
We hear things at K2 have not been much better.  The day before Yesterday, Henry Todd along with Iņaki, Ursula and a Sherpa, I did not get his name right, came to pay us a visit here at Broad Peak,  they told us there are 7 expeditions there but the highest anyone has gone is camp 2 but by this time everyone was down.
Today the day has been wonderful, a lot of sun and no wind, would be ideal conditions but with all the snowfall of the previous days it is wise to wait until snow hardens.  Everyone here is waiting to go up tomorrow and very anxious to finally be able to touch the mountain.  Fernando and Tunc will leave very early tomorrow and try to reach 6100mts.  I will stay back there will be to many people on the mountain tomorrow and they travel much faster than I do.
We will see what happens.  Fernando and Tunc miss their friends, David, Marcelo, Nasuh, Ricardo and Swee they wish they were here with them and hope that they may one day do this again. Alberto


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