Broad Peak 2002

July 4, 2002:  Tunc and Fernando have returned from camp 2 at 6,700.

We are ready for the summit attempt, after carrying very heavy loads all the provisioning for camp3 is in place.  We will rest for two or three days and as soon as we see that the weather will be good for a few days we will attempt the summit.

While in camp2 unloading equipment we thought of Asghar Ali Porik who so very much helped us with our last provisions and whom we have neglected to mention previously. But with out his last minute saving help we would be missing the things that we now have here on camp2.

After spending a very cold night at camp1 we started to go up to camp2 we climbed between some rock pinnacles in snow and ice of 50 degrees.  Upon reaching camp2 we had to carve out a very large platform, our idea was to stay the night there.  We spend about 3 hours there and then we started to see very bad weather arriving so we decided to go down.  It was late in the afternoon but after seeing what had arrived we think it was the right decision.

Now we are ready for a summit attempt if conditions permit. Today it is snowing, not to much yet but we hope this does not last very long.

Alberto Carrizosa


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