GREENLAND 2002 - DISPATCH 10 The Final Day - Expeditions R' Us

Greetings! We have arrived in Constable Point on the coast. We were lucky to get off as there were a number of logistical issues with the Twin Otter over the past few days.

Beyond Constable Point to the northeast is Liverpool Land and to the east are the icebergs of Scorsby Sund (the largest and longest fjord in the world) - the pack ice has completely melted since we have been gone and ... the mosquitoes have arrived in GREAT abundance.

If you look at a map of Greenland you may see the symbol of an airplane at Constable Point. There are two prereqs for an airport here. Make it flat and throw together a watch tower and you're in business. The strip consists of dirt and scree ... but it works what the hey.

Constable Point is currently a clearing house for expedition groups coming and going from mostly unfamiliar places such as the Gronau Nunataker, Louise Boyd Land and so forth. The nearest settlement is Scorsby Sund a 20 minute chopper ride away. Its 600 people are mostly Inuit with a few Danes thrown in. Presently there are a scant 56,000 residents inhabiting the largest island in the world, most of them on the west coast. Room to stretch!

There are quite a few planes landing and taking off and it reminded me of the occasional jet that passed over the NHN. I am guessing the London to Tokyo polar flight. I was thinking that the passengers on board those planes could look down on the vastness of glacier and rock and NEVER imagine that there were people down there on vacation.

We are happy to be on our way, and also gratified that we had a chance to visit the NHN. There is a record of only one other climbing expedition ever having ascended alpine peaks north of the Niels Holgersen Nunatakker (a Dronning Louise expedition in 2000). So....... we are fortunate to have had this chance. Most of us will probably be back to Greenland, in fact, John Starbuck is staying another three weeks in the Gronau Nunatakker, and Gordon and Paul will be returning to Knud Rasmassun Land in just two weeks!

This is the final dispatch for NHN Greenland 2002, but photos will be posted in the next week or so. Thank you again. Have a great summer!

Best of luck to ‘peace climbers' Tunc and Fernando on Broad Peak!

David Keaton



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