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 Simone Moro CV 6/2002
Simone Moro  

Date of Birth  27 October 1967

Occupation: Mountaneer and Moutain Guide


All Summits unless noted achieved without the use of supplemental oxygen.

2002 May 9th climbed Cho Oyu 8201 in 10,30 minutes and May 24th climbed  

Everest 8850 (second time) from north side. Used Oxygen few hours in C4.

2001 April 6th. First western climber of all time to do  winter ascent in Thien Shan

Marble wall 6400 meters in alpine style without acclimatisation and in 2 days only, starting from 3000 meters.

21st May rescued without oxygen and English climber over 8000 meters on Lhotse during the Lhotse-Everest traverse

2000 April-May climbed Everest 8850(24th may). Summit. 5 days without oxygen over 8000! Used oxygen for 5 hours in south col and till 8400 mt.

1999  July-August climbed Pik Lenin 7134, Pik Korjenevska 7105, Pik Kommunism 7495, Pik Khan Tengri 7010. It is the second time of all time someone do it!

1998: October Everest 8848 north ridge, reached 8200 mt.- bad weather.

1997 December Annapurna 8091 south face. Avalanche accident at 6300 mt.

May 26, Lhotse 8516 meters. Summit.

January, climbed extreme ice falls of grade M8

1996 October 11, Shishapangma, 8008 meters, Central Summit

May, Dhaulagiri 8167mt, stopped at 7200 mt, bad weather.

February 1, Fitz Roy 3441, Speed ascent G/B 25 hours, W: Face

1995 April, Kangchenjunga 8596 meters, stopped 7600 mt, bad weather

1994 October 11, Lhotse 8516 meters, Speed ascent from 6300mt, 17 hours

September, Shishapangma 8013 meters, stopped 7400mt

climbed route in Italy of 5.13c ( 8b ) difficult.

1993 August 13, Aconcagua 6962, Winter Speed ascent, 13 hours. Before tried the south face and stopped at 6200 mt,

Juli 25, Cerro Mirador 6089. Winter new Route and speed Ascent N. Face

October, Makalu 8463, Solo ascent stopped at 8300mt, Kukuczka route.

1992 October, Everest 8848, stopped at 7400 mt.

Become Coach of Italian rock climbing team.

1985 -1992 Professional climber in the Italian Rock climbing Federation. Between   

1987 and 1989 climbed more than 30 route of 8a and 8b+ (5.13a / 5.14a).

1980 Began Mountainering in Alps. 


1997 Become UIAGM Mountain Guide.

1996 Professional Mountaineer and rock climber, Coach of Italian climbing team.

1995-97 Participated at the Mountain Guide Course and school in Italy.

1990-91 Graduate like lieutenant in Italian Mountain Army.

1985-92 Professional climber in Italian rock climbing federation. 


Simone speaks English, German, French and Spanish

1995-97 Mountain Guide course

1992 Rock climber Instructor

1988-92 Students in the High Sport University in Milano (I.S.E.F.)

1991 Become Instructor of swimming in Italian Swimm Federation

1987. Finished the school of book-keeper

Ciao Simone Moro