Kangchenjunga 2003 Expedition: CARLOS PAUNER

Update: Carlos Pauner, along with probably Mario Merelli, Christian Kuntner and others plans Kangchenjunga 2003 South face.

After the Spring he hopes to go to KARAKORUM for probably G1 and G2....

For much more on CARLOS PAUNER see below...

CARLOS PAUNER GOTOR, was born in Jaca (Spain) at 9.6.1964. He started to climb very young, when he was 15 years old. He has studied Chemistry and he works like environmental consultant in restoration projects and recycling process. Many times climbing in Pirineos, Alps and Atlas. Roc climbing up to 7b+. Member of national alpine school. He likes mountain biking, jogging and traveling. 

Himalaya: Filmation member for TV program "al filo de lo imposible"; 1995. Kun (7077 meters) in Indian Himalaya; 1997 Kangchenjunga (8586 meters) until 8300 following the Britain route (attempt); 1997 Broad Peak (8048 meters) Pakistan; 2000 Everest Summit north face without oxygen (attempt); 2001 K2 (8611 meter) Abruzzi ridge Summit. Makalu Summit, 16th May 2002 at 10:00 am Nepal time.

K2 Summit. (7/22/2001)