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K2/Chogori Winter 2003

[Note as you might have figured out, the Polish K2 Expedition and Spanish Broad Peak Expedition are relying messages to each other through While we can't bring you all of these messages, we know the one below will interest you.], (late Sat 22nd, in the US) To Spanish Winter Broad Peak Expedition

All the members of Netia K2 Polish Winter Expedition are sending warm regards to you from the frozen world of North Face of K2. We are sorry that you have lost your equipment taken by the wind. Many of us know this situation from other winter expedition last years: to Nanga Parbat or Makalu when higher camps disappeared. We have got information from the senior of Pakistan meteorologist Muhammed Hanif, who sent us serious weather warning before 15th of February, that the weather system which came last week was the strongest since 50 years in Pakistan. We have hurricane [winds] like you, but thanks to Mr Hanif whose weather forecasts during our expedition are excellent, we tried to protect our camps before. Now we know that camp I (6030 m) survived. Denis Urubko and Marcin Kaczkan are there. We also see by monocular camp III (7150 m). The tent of camp II (6780 m) was put on a ground and cover by stones, so we have hope that also is not destroyed. We do not know what happened to camp IV (7630 m) because it is behind the rock and we can not see it from the base camp.

We repeated to Denis Urubko by the radio your message. All the best to Silvio.

You lost everything. We are inviting you for a good dinner with warm friendship! But seriously we would like to share with you our last weather forecast. You can not believe, but read it, please.

Best Wishes,

Be careful,

On behalf of the team of Netia Polish K2 Winter Expedition

Monika Rogozinska

Base camp, February 22nd, 2003

This is e-mail from Muhammad Hanif, the senior of meteorologists from Pakistan with the weather forecast for next days of February:

"Dear Monika

Hi, Clouds are going to grip your area, next 2 days(23 & 24) weather will be bad; then next 2 days(25& 26) are good (clear/p-cloudy) but again likely to disturb on 26th-evening.The next wet spell of 26th-evening/27th-morning is again of long-duration(3/4 days). Please remember that WINDS will be high/almost next few days.

Regards & Best wishessssssssssss.....HANIF."

Monika Rogozinska, "Rzeczpospolita"