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K2/Chogori Winter 2003 is being told, Marcin became ill. Denis Urubko and Krzysztof Wielicki (above picture) started a rescue attempt to get Marcin down. Others have went up to meet them to get Marcin down....

Update 2/27/2003:, Marcin Kaczkan was rescued. He and all members are in a base camp. Marcin is in a good shape. Krzysztof Wielicki and Denis Urubko are in such incredible good condition that they should make their final attempt. But the weather does not let them. The wind today is so strong that it is difficult to me to write in my tent. Everything is shaking. Thank you again for your prayers. God bless you, Monika Rogozinska

Photos copyrighted Monika Rogozinska, "Rzeczpospolita"