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K2/Chogori Winter 2003

Update 1/26/03: The team has established Camp 2....

Monika Rogozinska, reporter for the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita and long time contributor is passing time by playing cards and singing songs with families and friends of members of the expedition. They are lacking "petrol" (fuel) for the generator which gives them electric power. This is slowing the dispatches...

Monika Rogozinska, the only reporter there (she is the reporter for the team), is sending dispatches to and a Russia site in addition to her newspaper. Both and the Russian site receives Monika's dispatches for Rzeczpospolita (the newspaper) in English, the Russian site translates them to Russian. "Scrivanek" is the Polish to English translator.

Don't worry, when things heat up or there is breaking News, Monika will let you know.... We talk on e-mail/sat phone every couple of days...